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Sundance Lounge : a New Glamourous Hangout in Thonglor with Handcrafted French-Asian Dining Experience
Sundance Lounge Bangkok
Daily from 10:00 – 22:00 hrs.
Dinner from 17:00 – 22:00 hrs.
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Sundance Lounge : a New Glamourous Hangout in Thonglor with Handcrafted French-Asian Dining Experience

Today, Sundance Lounge, Bangkok’s premier rising star in the café scene, is delighted to announce its official opening by inviting all ladies and their gentlemen to dine in unsurpassed style. Our restaurant seeks to cater for its patrons a glamorous dining experience based around our handcrafted dinner menu, where French and Asian cuisine have merged in meticulous detail. Every dish has been created with the freshest ingredients and breath-taking presentation by our experienced in-house chef.

Sundance Lounge’s mission is to allow you to dine to your heart’s content, whether it is simply a regular evening or for a special occasion. We welcome you into our elegant yet warm setting, where you can dine in a romantic ambience sure to make your evening unforgettable.

Each dish on our menu has been sourced and crafted with care using sumptuous and fresh ingredients. We offer fusion food with a flair, like our Australian Beef Tataki, which is a premium grade beef topped by wasabi tuile. This dish can satisfy any palate by combining Japanese sauce and colorful flowers in the form of an appetizer. Another of our most popular dishes, our Foie Gras Crêpes, has also been added to our newly perfected dinner menu. This dish is known for its delightful combination of savory and sweet elevated by the pairing of sparkling champagne and red wine.

Another favorite of our valued customers is our Seared French Duck Breast. This dish is slowly cooked and adorned with our chef’s unique sauce: pineapple gastrique. However, if you prefer something from the seas, our Seared Tasmanian Salmon is a must, as it is cooked fresh with homemade tomato sauce made from the classic Bloody Mary cocktail.

There is nothing better than to end your special night with a smooth and luscious dessert, so allow us to proudly present our marvellous Pavlova. This dessert is equally mysterious and whimsical in its flavors and textures, which will allow you to share an intoxicating moment together by finding the deliciousness hiding inside. Once the secret is unveiled, you will be rewarded with a vanilla mousse topped with passion fruit sauce and fresh berries.

To complete your dining journey at Sundance Lounge, your night must end with our signature cocktail, Cheers to Pink, which our mixologist creates by crushing fresh pomegranate with a final touch of egg foam; it’s truly a magic concoction. Our final recommendation is the Bee’s Knees cocktail, a perfect mix between gin, honey, lemon, and yuzu jelly.

A night dining at Sundance Lounge is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it is an after-work hour get together, a reunion, or a simple hangout before your night life begins.

For more information, please call Tel: 096-142-4931