Vegetarian Festival at ICONSIAM


ICONSIAM welcoming the Gin Jay Festival (Vegetarian Food Fest)
Sook Siam at ICONSIAM
16 – 25 October 2020

ICONSIAM welcoming the Gin Jay Festival (Vegetarian Food Fest)

creates “Muang Sook Siam”, selecting vegetarian food from all regions in one place, summon Tao Bo and Gyu Huang Huat Chau (Chinese Deities), 9 Emperor Gods of the Vegetarian Festival in promoting prestige, good health with the merit-making way of life during October 16 to 25 at ICONSIAM, Charoennakorn Road

  • The great phenomenon for Vegetarian Festival’s charity event, “Im Boon, Im Jay” (Happy with merit, happy with vegetarian food), good health with the merit-making way of life, gathering a variety of special vegetarian dishes, famous authentic vegetarian restaurants, and leading restaurants across the country in one place.
  • Magnificent with delicious 7 tofu across the country, 7 dishes with various kinds of mushrooms, 7 menu of noodles from around the country, together with ready-to-eat sweet and savory vegetarian recipes from famous vegetarian restaurants in 4 regions.
  • Promote prestige, pay homage to the Mariji Deity, Mahabodhisat (Tao Bo or God of stars) and the 9 Emperor Gods of Stars (Vegetarian Festival Deities)

During Vegetarian Festival in every year, Thai people including Thai-Chinese people, are looking forward to this auspicious occasion to create charity, make merit by refraining from eating meat and eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which still retains its full flavor, taste and smell which are beneficial to health and receive all 5 food groups along with the existence of good morals. This year, ICONSIAM joins the Muang Sook Siam to organize a phenomenal vegetarian food festival “Im Boon, Im Jay, 4 regions”, good health, enhancing merit, a way of good spirit, gathering a variety of special vegetarian dishes from authentic vegetarian restaurants including sweet and savory from famous restaurants and leading restaurants all over the country in one place.

“Muang Sook Siam, Im Boon, Im Jay, 4 Regions, good health, enhancing merit, a way of good spirit, gathering greatest vegetarian food from 4 regions

Suwanchai Lohawatanakul, Managing Director Sook Siam at ICONSIAM, mentioned about the event that “In order to preserve the vegetarian festival held by Thai-Chinese people for more than 400 years, this year marks the second consecutive year of the Vegetarian Festival in Sook Siam. This year, Sook Siam remains the concept legendary signature dishes from 4 regions across Thailand, highlighting by 7 tofu across the country, gathering together for the first time in a single outstanding identity – Legendary Yellow Tofu from Phrabat Huai Tom Village, Li District, Lamphun, Black Tofu by Je Ang, Photharam District, Ratchaburi, Organic White Tofu by Madame Tofu, Chiang Mai, Soft White Tofu on Banana Leaf and Fresh Bean Curd Sheet by Leng Heng, Bangkok, 100 Years Soybean Milk from Khon Kaen and Tofu custard with Ginger Syrup  by Dalah – an authentic Tofu curd in Somdej Market, Bangkok. Also, there are 7 noodles menu from around the country, Betong noodles, Tra Luk Tor from Songkhla, Mee Tiao, Lim Lieng Hong from Ratchaburi, etc. Don’t miss 7  mushrooms dishes, grilled orinji mushroom, Yakisoba with mixed mushrooms from organic mushroom farm By FF-Farm, Pathum Thani, Mushroom Namnueng by Nijjang Mushroom Farm Foods, Ratchaburi, Crispy Mushrooms from Krugan Mushroom Farm, Lampang, which all are ready to serve you in Vegetarian Festival. There are also more than 300 delicious ready-to-eat vegetarian dishes such as rice and chicken (vegetarian) from Ban Krua Thip By Khun Mae Lakshmi, fried rice with kale and salted fish – Talalak Restaurant, Hong Kong Style roll noodle from Kok Jai Jao Restaurant, steam bun (Mantou) stuffed with coconut from Suthathip Restaurant, Nakhon Pathom, Kui Chai Ratchawat, Teh Tarik or Thai Tea, Muslim Kopi, Songkhla, Corn milk, Phu Yaisai Farm, Nakhon Ratchasima from all around Thailand. Moreover, enjoy with a hot pot menu with tofu soup, assorted variety of 10 tofu to choose from Isaan Chim Chum Restaurant and many more menus to serve for tasting at the vegetarian food fest at Sook Siam.

There are also many vegetarian dishes from stores in Muang Sook Siam such as Pad Thai Ari Restaurant with Chan Noodle Pad Thai  and Vegetarian Pad Thai Spring Rolls, a spicy vegetarian food from Phu Thai Grilled Chicken Restaurant, which are Mushroom Laap, Thai Vegetarian Papaya Salad, Lao Vegetarian Papaya Salad, and enjoy with Vietnamese dishes from Siam Namnueng Restaurant menus like Vegetarian Vietnamese Noodle (Guay Jab), Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls, and a hot pot menu for vegetable lovers with the vegetarian hot pot set from Eat Pot, followed by a dessert from The Heritage with Cashew Nut Stick and Vegan Cranberry Almond Tartlet, and an oatmeal coffee from Pun Thai Coffee.

The specialty of the Vegetarian Food Fest at Sook Siam at ICONSIAM this year are the arrangement of  a worshiping ceremony to pray for the Mariji Maha Bodhisat Deity (Tao Bo or God of stars) and the nine gods of the stars (God of the Vegetarian Festival that comes down to bless the well-behaved) invited to worship and make a wish for fortune especially at the opening ceremony of the event on October 16, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. Sook Siam arranged a prayer ceremony to worship the gods of stars at the event. In addition, there is also a great value promotion with “CASH COUPON Sook Siam, Im Jae, Im Sook”, pay only 77 baht to buy a vegetarian food 100 baht, limited to 2,000 privileges only for Vegetarian Food  Fest at the city plaza 1,2, Sook Siam only.

ICONSIAM selects an assortment of special 100 vegetarian dishes from famous restaurants

A special highlight of this year’s Vegetarian Food Fest, ICONSIAM also gathers famous vegetarian dishes from famous restaurants both savory and sweet for more than 100 menus for all to choose during the festival, starting with Isan-style restaurants, Cafe Chili with spicy vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian Lao style soup with  mushroom, Vegatairan Laab Khao Poon, or delicious with hearty dishes with Laotian papaya salad with fermented fish, and mixed mushroom laab from Zab Eli, and for those who like Thai vegetarian food, we may recommend Tofu Panaeng (Tofu with red curry) and stir fried mushroom leg with crispy basil from Baan Khanitha, there are also delicious Thai food menus such as vegetarian creamy tom yum, vegetarian stir fried kale with salty fish from Kub Kao Kub Pla, along with the deliciousness parade from many restaurants in ICONSIAM, including Greyhound Café, Ros Niyom, Lay Lao, Mae Sri Ruen, Nuea Khoo, Grand Palace, Coffee Beans by Dao, Nara, Maimai Noodle and Thip Samai Pad Thai, while there are also tasty drinks and desserts such as KOI comes with “Oat Milk Tea” with a menu that fans of milk tea must love “Bubble Soy Milk” soy milk tea from Cha Tra Mue, Yenly Yours with mango smoothie menu, and vegetarian desserts from Nam Dok Mai mangoes, and The Alley, which selected refreshing clear tea and fruit tea to choose to drink during the Vegetarian Food Fest.

Come to carry on the Vegetarian Food Fest and enjoy with gastronomy, happy with merit-making, and full of happiness to pay respect to sacred deities, enhance prosperity at the event “Im Boon Im Jay, 4 Regions, good health, enhancing merit, a way of good spirit during October 16 to 25, 2020 at  Sook Siam, ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakorn Road.

For more information, please call. 1338 or FB: SOOKSIAM.