Kolour in the Park




Kolour In The Park Brings Lifestyle into Bangkok’s Biggest Outdoor Festival


DATE : 7 March 2020
TIME : 13:00 – 24:00 hrs.


Thai Wake Park Bangkok


General Admission : THB 1,900 online (Final Sale) and THB 2,100 at the door
Kolour Plus+ : THB 2,900 online and THB 3,900 at the door

Kolour In The Park Brings Lifestyle into Bangkok’s Biggest Outdoor Festival

Singha Music Presents: Kolour In The Park returns this March 7, 2020 for the 6th edition of Bangkok’s biggest outdoor festival, promising more complex experiences beyond just music. This edition of Kolour In The Park is a space for inclusion, community, connection and diversity through various lifestyle activities, namely food, art and sports.
The all-day festival is part of the ultimate energetic experience in an outdoor venue supported by Singha, Rip Curl, Bangkok Vodka, Red Bull, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Grab, Cabin Zero, and Guss Damn Good. Guests can expect a variety of activities including wakeboarding, interactive art installations, gourmet food market, a Thai massage station, roaming performers and craft/fashion vendors.

Food Market

25 Degrees Bangkok: The new funky sister venue to legendary Los Angeles burger & wine bar 25 Degrees.
Named after the precise temperature difference between a raw and well done hamburger, 25 Degrees introduces a sophisticated new twist on the traditional American burger bar concept – complete with funky music and cool “bordello meets burger bar” décor. Unlike familiar fast-food burgers, diners discover tender and juicy variations of prime ground sirloin and fresh free range chicken – grilled according to personal preference with a choice of gourmet cheeses and toppings.

Pizza Massilia: Pizza Massilia is not just a pizzeria, it’s an Art of Living. Using only the best artisan fresh products, their pizzas are made in an authentic wood fire oven.

Guss Damn Good: Born in the winter of 2014, during an unprecedented year of snowfall in Boston, MA. Ice cream became an important reminder of the good memories of the American summer and at Guss Damn Good, Ice-Cream isn’t just a dessert or snack.

They craft Ice-Cream flavors reminiscent of summertime memories, family, and life with flavours that are inspired by Boston — the people, and their way of life.

Expect a custom made Kolour In The Park ice cream flavor at the festival!

Meat & Bones: Meat on bone, the part that barely anyone has realised, can be magnificent. After a meticulous roasting process; the melted beef fat between meat and bone creates the melting sensation in your mouth. A combination of aroma and texture provides a memorable gastronomic experience.

A slow cooking process with low heat; approximately 4-12 hours turns hard, rare beef into a soft and juicy goodness, served with an array of sides.

Tamnanthai: The first Tamnanthai (“Thai Legend”) restaurant was opened in 1991 by Chai and Supa Yanyonglert on Soi Ladprao 71 in a very traditional Thai style wooden house, with ornate decorations serving authentic Thai food.

Supa has been cooking since she was young, learning from her parents and her mom’s relatives who were talented cooks. Overall, she can be described as an enthusiastic epicurean. Tamnanthai dishes feature fresh and high quality ingredients. and all sauces are made daily with savory ingredients from Tamnanthai’s exceptional recipes.

Chicken Bowl by Sul: SUL, which fundamentally translates to alcohol in Korean, centralizes around the concept and theme of ‘deconstruct, reconstruct.’ The brainchild of a group of young entrepreneurs with a passion for food, drinks, and their Asian roots, SUL came about from their varying experiences living, traveling, studying and growing up overseas.

As a gastrobar, SUL puts a great emphasis on the quality of their drinks and food through creative innovation that amalgamates a myriad of flavors, experiences and cultures into one glass or plate. Every customer is transported on their own journey when they step foot inside of SUL – an experience to dine and drink in a creative space like no other. The end result is a reinvention of the five human senses known to Korean food and beverages, as SUL pushes the known boundaries of cocktails, cuisine, and concept through the deconstruction of traditional elements of Korea, and reconstructing it into a contemporary form for the modern consumer.

Calendar Bistro

Health Food Vendors

Genius Bar: The first dedicated bone broth cafe in Thailand known for their incredibly delicious and nourishing homemade broths that will leave you feeling good after a cup. All their broths are made with high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers, both in Thailand and internationally and loaded with valuable amino acids, collagen, gelatin and trace minerals.

Genius Bar is a firm believer in the philosophy of whole, natural, and chemical-free sources for their ingredients with the highest standards in food quality, not just quantity. 

Summer Bowl BKK: Started in 2017 by a guy from Hawai’i and a girl from Thailand, and influenced by the flavors of Hawai’i, they wanted to bring the concept over by using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers in Thailand in every menu item. Their offerings contain no added sugar and syrup but only fresh healthy food that everyone is able to enjoy.

The Banana Warrior: Plant based, vegan, organic, ethically sourced, health food products. Specialising in many different varieties of banana bread.

Vegan 100%

HILLPOP is an organic cold brew that’s a bit different. Grown naturally in the wild, cared for by passionate farmers, and made by people who know what they’re doing. No harm, no fuss – just premium coffee with a twist.

At HILLPOP, we’ve seen the damage caused by the industry we love. The rainforest is shrinking, the workers are mistreated, the product is often subpar. Like you, we aren’t into it. So we try to do it differently: we source our coffee from wild plantations, we partner with growers who get a fair deal, and we make nice drinks. Everyone wins.

Beverage Partners

  • Singha (Partner for 6 years)
  • Red Bull (Partner for 6 years)
  • Bangkok Vodka (First year partner)

BANGKOK VODKA – from The City of Angels!

BANGKOK has something distinctive to offer. It’s incredibly smooth, lightly sweet, but it has enough character to surprise. Aroma is extremely clean and elegant. Works well chilled but it develops its entire aroma at room temperature. It’s quality to sip and great for cocktails.


23 local and overseas artists have submitted their vision of our future society, technology, and way of life under the theme “Envision Coming Times”. Two winners are selected to showcase their art installations at Kolour In The Park 2020.

Our criteria for winner selection were:

▸ Eye-catching factor

▸ Relevance with the theme

▸ Audience engagement both day and night time

▸ Interactive features

▸ Solid previous experiences

▸ Fit within the given budget

▸ Safety assurance

Art Installation 1: Lotus Island (by Lauro Samblás & Roberto Gamero)

Kolour In The Park is located in natural outdoor settings. Lotus Island, an immersive art installation, aims to create an oasis for refreshing your body and mind while dancing with friends. There will be water jets above  that will create a cloud of freshness all over the installation. As the sun goes down, the whole island will come to life with 3D projection mapping of collages of the sky, water, nature, modern cities, neon and colorful abstract patterns.

About the Creators:

Art Installation 2: Talk To A Brick Wall (by Tuang Studio)

Think about lingering in the shower after a breakup, or when you slam a door when you’re mad. In the future, those household objects can understand our emotions. You can interact with the art installation by moving through the structure. Light will follow you around, changing colors as you walk along. You and the artwork become reliant on one another – to light each other up and see more exciting spectrums of life. Some parts of the design are functional, for example, the wall lamps can be turned on, and the window can be opened.

About the Creators:

Kolour In The Park General Admission online tickets are 1,900THB (Final Sale) and 2,100THB at the door. Kolour Plus+ tickets are 2,900THB online and 3,900THB at the door. Tickets are available at