A night of Yakitori Takeover


DATE : 24 October 2019
TIME : From 18:00 until late


JUA Bangkok


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Chef Toru Tanaka from Shirokane TORI TAMA and his Team take over JUA Bangkok for a chicken grilling BBQ extravaganza!

Yakitori Takeover!

Thursday, October 24th from 6:00pm till Late, one of Bangkok’s most revered yakitori chefs, Chef Toru Tanaka from Shirokane TORI TAMA and his Team take over JUA Bangkok for a chicken grilling BBQ extravaganza!

Shirokane Tori-Tama Bangkok located at Park Lane Ekamai, Opened in October 2016 with a commitment to serving only the freshest and timely cooked chicken meat and chicken innards Yakitori. Chef Tanaka San presides over the charcoal grill with deft hands and steely precision. It can take a matter of seconds to overcook or under grill a Yakitori chicken skewer, with each section or “piece” of chicken to be handled independently in order to get that perfectly, smokey outer crisp and tenderly-cooked temperature throughout.

The Yakitori Menu is divided into 5 sections; “Chicken Skewers”, “Rare Parts”, “Very Rare Parts”, “Vegetable Skewers”, “Other Skewers”,  and for those who don’t know what to select, there is the “Recommended Skewers Course” is the Chef’s Choice Menu, a Yakitori “Omakase” (meal of dishes selected by chef), where the chef provides skewers based on variety, seasonality and availability. A perfect choice for first-timers or even regulars who enjoy the element of surprise or to mixing-it-up!

The most sought-after Yakitori sticks at Tori Tama are the “Obi” (Inner Thigh) / “Sori” (Chicken Oyster) / “Kokoronokori” (Aorta) / “Misaki” (Hen’s Tail) / “Togarashi” (Calf) and the most infamous “Couchin” (Unlaid Egg Yolk).  The Chochin is the yolk that is found inside the hen before it is hatched, which offers a unique richness and creamy flavour, and texture that “pops” loudly in the mouth . The egg, is served at the end of a smoky grilled fallopian tube skewer, giving a whole new meaning to “Tori Tami” which actually means “Bird(Chicken), Egg”.

Tori-Tama Bangkok has become an institution among Yakitori lovers, but it’s not only Yakitori that is served but a full menu of Japanese sides, salads and other delectable signature dishes by Chef Tanaka.

Witness Chef Tanaka’s BBQ skills live on the JUA patio & get your cameras and stomachs ready! This is going to be one heck of a gastronomic tasting and show! To add delicious fuel to the flame, JUA has another reason to celebrate this special occasion and that’s to honor JUA Co-founder, Jason Lang for his birthday!

You know what that means? Our friends at BB&B will be throwing down a selection of fine sake with hi-balls aplenty, not to mention some slick cocktails to keep the night sizzling.

JUA is located at the end of Charoen Krung Soi 28 near River City Shopping Complex and The Royal Orchid Sheraton. Parking can be found in the lot just opposite the Royal Orchid Sheraton for 20B per hour til midnight.

This is a night, destined for infamousy in the neighborhood. Don’t miss out!
Tables can be reserved at:
or give us a call at 02 103 6598