Chocolate Buffet



WHAT    : New Chocolate Buffet

WHERE : Lobby Salons, The Sukhothai Bangkok

WHEN   : Friday – Sunday, 14:00 – 17:00 hrs.

PRICE   : THB 990++ per person      

— MENU —

Bangkok’s most popular Chocolate Buffet is getting more delicious and more fun. Brand new and more delicious items come along with a posh new set of tableware plus a fashion-forward dress of service ladies. I would say a big move, and this is what The Sukhothai Bangkok make to ensure that Lobby Salon will still on the highest throne of “Bangkok’s Best Chocolate Buffet“.

A signature shot. No where else alike.

31 different kind of chocolates. P125, Cocoa100%, Abinao85%, Ouganda80%, Equateur76%, Tanzanie75%, Araguani72%, Chumporn70%, Chantaburi 70%, Cuba70%, Ivory coast69%, Ghana68%, Mexique66%, Santarem65%, Vietnam64%, Classic 61%, Itakuja55%, Dark orange, Bahibe46%, Madagascar43%, Venezuela 43%, Equateur42%, Lindt milk37%, Azelia35%, Orelys35%, Aneo34%, Dulcey32%, Lindt white, Inspiration passion, Inspiration strawberry and Inspiration almond.

Stylish Glam look

Ladies of The Sukhothai Bangkok in their newly stylish dress.

New set of Tableware

Redesign with a unique concept to represent only the bespoke chocolate buffet moment.

For those of you who already are a sweet tooth, its pretty sure that The Salon at Sukhothai Bangkok is one of the top dessert bars in your list, but, in case you didn’t catch up of what’s going on here right now, let me tell you about it.

Continue as the favourite destination for the chocolate lover after 27 years of success, Sukhothai Bangkok still has a pleasure to serve you Chocolate Buffet at The Salon, hotel lobby, every Friday to Sunday from 14.00-17.00 hrs. At the same price THB 990++ per person.

New Caviar Station

A new station with chef prepare a fresh pancake to pair with a choice of caviar and condiments

Chef Laurent Extended Chocolate Table

Chef Laurent is now ready to prepare you a cup of hot chocolate you like. Now even ice chocolate and fondue is up to your preference.

Some of you may wonder if you get served only Chocolate at the Chocolate Buffet? The answer is No. There also are plenty of sweet and savoury selections for you to enjoy alongside with your choices of Laurent’s Chocolate or a choice of SARO tea, the Oriental sense of Premium tea or Lavazza coffee.


Japanese Appetizers

A choice of Sushi and assorted Japanese treat


A choice of Tea Sandwich such as Marinated salmon and cream cheese on rye / Brie cheese and apricot compote / whole wheat toast Egg salad / cuccumber and cress on white<br /> Smoked duck / fennel and orange wrap

Hot Savouries

BBQ chicken wings / Baked cheesy new potato, sour cream and bacon bits

Thai Savouries

A choice of Thai bite and appetizers.

Crab meat and avocado choux

A fresh taste of Crab meat and avocado in choux bread


Lumpfish caviar or salmon roe / Black and yellow ebiko / Egg yolk, egg white, chive, shallot and sour cream


Not to be missed

Sticky toffee pudding / fudge sauce Churros / Apple Chocolate scones


3 choice of homemade Ice-cream, my recommended one is Chocolate Wasabi Sorbet


Pick any of it.. as mush as you like. It's all in good taste


A typical not typical, not judge the taste from what it look like.

Fresh berry tartlet

Almond crème brûlée

Brownie, whipped Orelys ganache

“Cut your own” marsmallow

Again this is not just a marshmallow, it's more soft, fresh and sweet plus a unique texture.

Rasbperry forest


Inspiration strawberry chocolate mousse (mini quenelle molds)


Passionate bite

``Cheezy′′ creamy cheese cake, candied cocoa nibs

Now let’s talk about chocolate. Chef Laurent has prepared for you a lot of Chocolate selections from every part of the world. Each selection has a different percentage of cocoa. So no matter if you are fancy dark chocolate, milk, or even white, just select your favourite choices, and the chef will turn them it into a chocolate drink for you. These can be served as a hot drink, iced drink, or as a delicious fondue. You can add some spice to your glasses such as salt, chilli, or cinnamon to make you drink even tastier.

Remember you can have as many drinks as you like, switch over between sweet and savoury items back and forth as you wish. Just wanna give you a little secret about this, there is a chocolate sherbet with wasabi inside, yes! Wasabi, and the purpose of this is it can be a perfect palate cleanser for you before you switch menu. So when you think you already have enough sweetness in you and then feel like you don’t wanna continue anymore, just pick up one scoop of this sherbet, and you will feel fresh again and you will be ready for so much more.

For reservations, telephone +66 (0) 2344 8888 or email to