Peter's Farm Veal



WHAT    : Peter’s Farm present The Premium Veal

WHERE : La Bottega di Luca

WHEN   : 13 March 2019

VIBE      : An exclusive media lunch to experience “Premium Food” new import product, The Premium Veal of Peter’s Farm. Exquisite Italian dish from Veal paired with selected wine from Texica Wine.

Premium food is bringing Peter’s Farm’s best veal to Thailand

For Thai meat lovers, veal is not a totally new ingredient. It is usually served in western restaurants like Italian, French, and famous steakhouses. But veal from Peter’s Farm is different from any others. They have gained recognition worldwide, and their veal’s delicate taste is on another level that is ready to make a huge impression.

Premium Food, a company that imports the world’s best and carefully selected ingredients, have learned the speciality of Peter’s Farm veal and now importing it to Thailand. At the Exclusive Media Launch on 13th March, Mr. Tonnie Geeriling, Peter’s Farm representative, came to present all of his goods at La Bottega di Luca Italian restaurant and Great Gastro Life team were invited for the gathering to be the first group to taste the perfection of the Peter’s Farm veal.

Mr. Geeriling told us a brief story about his company. It was established by the Dutch in 1997 and their important values are to research and develop a cow farming technique that has a remarkable and different result. All calves at Peter’s Farm grows in a stress-free environment, they live in herds and can play naturally and the nutrition for all calves is monitored to be in an extremely high standard. One of the unique ideas of Peter’s Farm is that they have a webcam inside the farm so anyone can take a look anytime at a live video of how calves are raised at the Peter’s Farm’s website.

It is also beneficial to know where your food comes from. Every purchase at Peter’s Farm can be traced back to the farm of origin by using the farm code printed on the product package. As every step of the calves raising and veal producing processes are delicately and expertly taken care of, it is certain that all products are designated to be in premium quality. There are so many recipes that can be made with this tender and exquisite taste kind of meat.

At the Media Launch, Chef Andrea Ortu of La Bottega di Luca has prepared us an excellence meal made with Peter’s Farm products. And the menus are:


Peter’s Farm veal tenderloin tartare, green lemon scent, monocultivar extra virgin olive oil and Mothia rocks salt

This dish gives a very genuine taste of veal with a little seasoning in flavor. It is very easy to eat and very light to digest as well.

Peter’s farm eye of round viteltonnê pantelleria crispy capers

This dish comes as veal slices cooked to its tenderness. Served cold with cream sauce for a very smooth taste.


Milanese style saffron risotto, Peter’s Farm ossobuco stewedand gremolada

Saffron risotto is perfectly cooked al Dante topped with veal shank that has been stewed for a day. With a little bit of salty flavouring, this dish gives an excellent taste in the mix.


Peter’s Farm slow cooked veal cheek glazed with its juice and aromatic herbs soft potatoes

The main course is served as a large cut. Cheek is a very tender part of the meat and as it glazed with its juice, this dish makes an outstanding flavorful taste.


Homemade pistachio ice cream

La Bottega du Luca’s homemade ice cream with pistachio from Sicily gives a truly the perfect ending to this meal.

Wine pairing in all the courses is selected from Texica Wine’s collection.