Baan Khanitha Cruise



WHAT    : Baan Khanitha Cruise

WHERE : Asiatique River Pier, in front of Baan Khanitha by The River

WHEN   : Daily, leave the port at 19:30 hrs. (Check-In at 19:00 hrs.)

PRICE   : 

THB 2,400 net per person for Gold set Dinner
THB 2,800 net per person for Platinum set Dinner

VIBE      : Baan Khanitha Cruise where gracefully serve you the ultimate dining experience on Chao Phraya River, with authentic Thai cuisine freshly cooked on-board. As well as indulge the historic stories of the changing scenic attractions along both sides of the river. These will extremely create ‘A Night to Remember’

An extraordinary dining experience not to be missed, Baan Khanitha Cruise is another brainchild of Khanitha Akaranitikul, a Thai silk fashion designer and owner of the renowned, award-winning Thai restaurant ‘Baan Khanitha’. Occupying an antique rice barge, Baan Khanitha Cruise allows you to indulge in an excellent selection of authentic Thai dishes while soaking up spectacular views along the majestic Chao Phraya River.

Bangkok was ranked a top tourism destination by Master Card Global Destination Cities Index in 2017. One of the reasons that attracts many international tourists to visit Bangkok is Thai food and Baan Khanitha is second to none when it comes to Thai food.

Baan Khanitha was born out of Khanitha Akaranitikul’s innate passion for Thai food. As it was difficult for her to find a Thai restaurant with high-quality food in a traditional atmosphere, she decided to open her own restaurant Baan Khanitha on Sukhumvit Soi 23, aiming to bring her personal expectations for cuisine, cleanliness, service, and décor to any discerning diners. And with its popularity among foreigners and locals alike, there are now many other branches across the city

Recently, Khanitha has launched its first dining cruise, Baan Khanitha Cruise, to offer guests a unique dining experience like no other. Guests will enjoy an authentic Thai food, meticulously and freshly made by a culinary team on the barge, with picturesque attractions along the banks of Chao Phraya River. This newly-refurbished cruise ship is well-equipped with a 5-star hotel standard kitchen, along with the main dining area on the deck which can accommodate up to 60 patrons. Tastefully decorated in Thai Colonial Style during King Rama V period, Baan Khanitha Cruise exudes traditional elegance and provides a very distinct experience.

Guests who have already made a reservation will meet up to get aboard at 18:30 at Baan Khanitha at the waterside entrance of Asiatique and receive a glass of welcome drink. At 19:00, the barge will depart from the pier and head north to the business district of Sathorn to see the beautiful 5-star hotels by the river illuminated at night—as well as some recognizable landmarks like Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Grand Palace, and Rama VIII Bridge. Then it will return to Asiatique at 21:00.

For 2 hours on the cruise ship, you will delight in an authentic Thai set menu thoughtfully selected from the most popular Baan Khanitha’s dishes. There are two options to choose from: Gold Set Dinner (B2,400 net per person) and Platinum Set Dinner (B2,800 net per person). Today, Great Gastro will show you what Platinum Set Dinner looks like!

The feast begins with miang kham, a traditional Thai snack consisting of fresh betel leaves wrapped with tiny pieces of dried shrimp, roasted peanuts, shredded coconut, ginger, shallots, lime wedges, and chilies, served with a sweet-and-salty sauce.

Mixed Appetizers

The first dish of the set comes with 4 excellently crated appetizers which include tod man goong, a Thai favorite of deep-fried shrimp cake served with sweet plum sauce; poh pia tod, deep-fried spring rolls filled with vegetables and glass noodle and served with plum sauce; yam som o, a spicy salad of shrimps and shredded chicken dressed in herbs and lime juice; and chor mwung, a rare, lavender snack of steamed flower-shape chicken filling dumplings.


Continue the meal with one of the most beloved Thai dishes, tom yam goong nang, spicy river prawn soup with herbs, from Baan Khanitha’s own recipe. This addictively hot tom yam soup is completed with coconut milk and shrimp head oil of the prawns adding both creaminess and flavors to the dish. The freshwater prawn meat, on the other hand, provides a sweet taste and perfectly firm texture.

Lime Sorbet

Served as a refreshing pause, the lime sorbet is a perfect treat to cleanse the palate before starting the main course.

Main Course

The main course comprises four distinctive Thai dishes, accompanied by two options of steamed rice: jasmine rice and germinated brown rice.

Gang Pedd Ped Yang Angun in Pumpkin

Cooked as per royal recipe, this gang pedd ped yang angun in pumpkin is rich and flavorful with succulent roasted duck and fresh grapes bathed in spicy red curry served hot and pleasantly in a carved pumpkin bowl, showcasing a gorgeous art of Thai vegetable carving.

Goong Ayudhaya Pow Rouy Khai Goong

The grilled giant freshwater prawn is one of the most famous dishes from Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. The prawn cut in half reveals its spectacular orange prawn head oil which is unbelievably tasty while the meat is heavenly sweet, juicy, and luscious. It is topped with shrimp roe and served along with Thai-style spicy and sour dipping sauce.

Pla Kapong Saam Rod

Next is the deep-fried sea bass topped with spicy-sweet-sour sauce. The fish gives a nice crust on the outside while the meat is succulently smooth and soft on the inside. It goes nicely well with the sauce and hot steamed rice.

Pak Taiwan Padd Hed Eringi

Simply yet extraordinarily good, this vegetable dish of stir-fried bok choy and eringi mushroom offers supreme flavors with crunchy texture from the vegetables. It is enhanced by the oyster sauce which gives a deep color and flavorful flavor to the dish.


Finally, end the meal with the renowned khow nieaw ma-mwuang or sticky rice and mango. It is pleasingly served with coconut ice cream, and they complement each other beautifully.

Before disembarking from the cruise ship, you will be treated with Khanom Dara Thong, a traditional Thai dessert made of egg yolk and sugar, decorated with watermelon seeds, and topped with edible gold leaf. It is served on the plate with the word “Thank you. See you again.”

To make a reservation at Baan Khanitha Cruise, please visit or call 063 474 6857 or 063 474 6858.