KAI New Zealand



WHAT    : KAI New Zealand

WHERE : Sathorn Soi 12

WHEN   :

Monday – Thursday : 11:00 – 23:30 hrs.
Friday                      : 11:00 – 24:00 hrs.
Saturday                  : 09:30 – 24:00 hrs.
Sunday                    : 09:30 – 23:30 hrs.

VIBE      : KAI New Zealand is another must-visit destination in Bangkok for those who are looking for some simple yet delicate New Zealand treats made from high quality ingredients imported from New Zealand, a country known for its clean and green environment.

KAI New Zealand is a casual dining concept restaurant which combines New Zealand’s culinary culture and international techniques of cooking to create uniquely “Modern Kiwi Cuisine.” Located on Sathorn Soi 12, this brick and mortar restaurant has been one of Thailand’s most favorite New Zealand eateries among both foreigners and locals alike since its first opening 3 years ago!

KAI (literally means food in Maori, the language of the native population of New Zealand) offers the essence of Modern Kiwi Cuisine with its top-notch ingredients imported directly from Kiwiland including seafood, beef, lamb, and venison—as well as the finest and freshest local produce sourced from sustainable food suppliers.

What is New Zealand Cuisine? “Like New Zealand’s incredible natural scenery, New Zealand Cuisine mainly focuses on fresh and seasonal ingredients including meat from free-range farms, wild-caught seafood, and other homemade ingredients like sauce, jam, cheese and much more—prepared and cooked in a simple and authentic way,” explained Xavier, a restaurant manager.

KAI New Zealand’s philosophy is to provide exceptional modern New Zealand food the way God made the country. And apart from its high-quality ingredients from land and sea, the well-tuned techniques and skills are also the essential keys to achieve the quality of every dish. At KAI New Zealand, you will be surprised by the flavors and textures of the restaurant’s homemade fare—it’s like Grandma’s home cooking!

The interior gives an impression of welcoming warmth and simple comfort at its best! The alfresco area is a serene patio looking across the street, with a casual bar where guests often stop by for a pint of beer. Meanwhile, the main dining area is stylishly furnished with stained concrete floors and rustic hardwood furniture from New Zealand, creating a charming and warm atmosphere. Further inside, there is a full bar serving an extensive range of New Zealand beverages—as well as an open kitchen which allows guests to experience a sight and scent of the food even before the it is served.

KAI New Zealand is a spacious two-story venue with the maximum capacity of 170 patrons, making it a perfect go-to for large party dinners, intimate celebrations, or any special events.

KAI New Zealand offers an extensive list of wines and cocktails. It is also home to excellent imported craft beers which can be perfectly paired with the menu here.

Today, Xavier, the restaurant manager, has picked some distinctive items that visibly reflects the New Zealand-ness for us. Every single one of them is a must-try dish at KAI New Zealand.

Kiwi “Fush & Chups” – NZ Southern Hake

The simply delicate “Fush & Chups” in Maori is commonly known as Fish & Chips in English. Here, guests can choose from an array of fish, all imported from the sea water in New Zealand. Among the highlights is the battered Southern Hake which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The mild flavored and flaky fillet goes beautifully well with the deep-fried chips and the succulent dipping sauce.

Kai Popeye Salad

The signature Kai Popeye Salad comes with a combination of fresh baby spinach, fried capers, lemon zest, red onion, and coriander, mingled with Kai’s house dressing and topped with smoked marinated tuna, organic poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. It’s a perfect treat to keep you healthy.

Crab & NZ Smoked Mussel Tower

Seafood lovers will certainly love this highly recommended Crab & NZ Smoked Mussel Tower, consisting of a tempting layer of crab meat in paprika wasabi mayonnaise, crostini toast, baby spinach, and smoked New Zealand mussels. It is then served with avocado puree and lemon wedge as a neutral flavor enhancement. Together, they form an ocean-scented dish with fresh flavors from the seawater.

BBQ New Zealand Prime Short Rib

For mains, the BBQ New Zealand Prime Short Rib is undeniably good. The New Zealand imported prime short rib is succulently braised and penetrated by the delightfully sweet BBQ sauce. The meat that surrounds the ribs is extremely tender it melts in the mouth. Served with homemade fries and roasted garlic bulb, this menu is impossible to resist.

NZ Lamb Frenched Rack

When it comes to New Zealand food, the lamb is a must! At KAI New Zealand, the slow cooked lamp shanks are perfectly grilled to make sure they exhibit their natural juices and unique flavors. The pinkish meat is then served with a bountiful portion of potato mash and vegetables that brighten the dish.

Kiwi Pavlova

Finally, those with a sweet tooth will delight in the Kiwi Pavlova, a traditional New Zealand meringue with a crispy crust filled with airy whipped cream and topped with fresh kiwi and passion fruit sauce. It also comes served with a homemade scoop of vanilla ice cream which makes a great duo with the meringue.

The restaurant will serve 3 New Zealander’s favorite dipping sauces as an accompaniment to food, which include Ketchup, sweet sauce with a sharp acidity and vinegary flavor; Dry Tomato, sweet and tangy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes; and Sweet Chili, luscious sauce with a blend of sweetness and spiciness, before the meal begins. They might sound simple, but these New Zealand style homemade sauces will give your taste buds a delight!

KAI New Zealand is another must-visit destination in Bangkok for those who are looking for some simple yet delicate New Zealand treats made from high quality ingredients imported from New Zealand, a country known for its clean and green environment. Plus, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, wide-ranging drink menu, and special deals and offers, it’s just a matter of time until you visit it again.