La Scala



All New La Scala, Bangkok's Legendary Italian Dining


LUNCH : 12:00 – 15:00 hrs. (Last order 14:30 hrs.)
DINNER : 18:00 – 23:30 hrs. (Last order 22:00 hrs.)

La Scala, a long established excellent Italian restaurant at The Sukhothai Bangkok, starts flowing once again after major refurbishment. This time, it comes back stronger and better with dazzling food, brilliant service and, of course, a great atmosphere.

This newly renovated restaurant’s interior is sleekly and elegantly designed with a blend of contemporary Italian architecture and art, creating the similar vibe to the dining chamber of the great Chateau in Italy with a unique touch of La Scala.

At the marble reception desk, you will be greeted with photographs of famous chefs who once worked with the restaurant.

With the restaurant’s gorgeous open kitchen paired with marble countertops, glimmering black mosaic tiles and warm lighting, it’s just the right place to take a break and enjoy a sight of your meal being prepared by the La Scala’s culinary team led by Chef David Tamburini.

The authentic wood fired oven is decked with white marble that goes pleasingly with the prep counter and huge glass, which is used to divide the kitchen and the dining area.

There is also an alfresco terrace which allows you to dine by the swimming pool with spectacular views and surroundings.

Admire the restaurant’s roomy layout, with its creamy marble floors, accent walls and the iconic stencil art, as well as the beauty of dining tables in a glossy brown finish with black and red utensils that reflect the iconic identity of the restaurant.

With this comeback, La Scala is equipped with a private room that can accommodate up to 8 patrons, together with a full bar service and a wine cellar with excellent imported Italian wines. There is also a signature cocktail menu which is exclusively created for La Scala by Roberto Cuda, a talented Head Mixologist of The Sukhothai Bangkok.

Chef David Tamburini

Apart from La Scala’s top-notch atmosphere, dishes are prepared by Chef David Tamburini, following the traditional methods of Italy with a contemporary touch to make a great first impression on every customer.

Begin your delightful meal with a spectrum of more detailed services. Upon seating, you will be served with 3 pieces of leaf-shaped crispy bread, exclusive to La Scala, followed by Chef David’s Italian fares using traditional methods for an authentic taste with a modern plating and presentation.

Once you have placed an order, the wait staff will bring you a trolley full of freshly bread including Crostini bread, Sesame bread and much more, as well as premium olive oil directly imported from Italy.

After that, the wait staff will serve you with the Amuse Bouche which changes regularly depending on seasonal ingredients. Today, it comes with a basket of eggshells filled with egg yolk, Parmesan cheese and beet root. The rich aroma of cheese and egg yolk is elaborated with sour beetroot to make a lasting impression.

The other item is the modern take on traditional Italian pizza. The dough is deep-fried until it turns golden. It is then topped with Nduja Salami sauce for a hint of spiciness.

Tonno e Cipolla

Tuna Belly Tartare in onion and basil essence, sundried datterino tomatoes, capers, baby cucumbers

The finely minced tuna belly is blanketed in a sliced tuna fillet served with aromatic herbs such as onion, basil, sundried datterino tomatoes, baby cucumbers and capers. Upon serving, the onion and basil sauce will be poured over the fish, keeping it moist and flavorful with health benefits that fish can offer.

Astice Alla Trapanese

Sauteed Blue Lobster, Bread crumbs panzanella, almond curd, tomato tartare

Continue with the sautéed Blue Lobster that is pan-fried with a small amount of oil until it’s perfectly cooked. It is then dressed with a lobster sauce for a fresh, aromatic brine. The dish also comes with a baked bread soaked in lobster sauce with a crunchy touch of almond—a mild flavored appetizer with a tempting aroma.

Gallina rifatta al tartufo e verdure invernall

Onion stuffed chicken terrine, braised autumn vegetables, morl mushrooms and black truffle zabajone

After two delicious seafood items, there is one more appetizer that you should never miss. Satisfy your tastes with a natural flavor of baked chicken terrine mixed with foie gras and truffle essence and stuffed with onion. Served with butter-roasted Jerusalem artichoke, morel mushrooms and black truffles, this menu is marvelous!

Linguine limone e scampi e cagliata de mandorla

Linguine cooked in lemon leaf with infused fish essence, langoustine and almond “Cheese”

For pasta, the chef presents a traditional Italian pasta menu featuring Linguine cooked until al dente and drained in aromatic seafood and scampi stock before capping off with grated almond cheese, exclusive to La Scala. This almond cheese is definitely a star of the dish!

Ravioli rucola e parmigiano al burro bianco

Parmigiano reggiano 24 months old and rocket ravioli, Sour white butter

The second pasta menu is a moist and flavorful ravioli filled with 2-year-old Parmesan cheese and rocket. The wonderful flavor and texture are enhanced by crispy fried Parmesan cheese and sour buttery sauce which go beautifully well with the ravioli.

Triglie rosse e fagioli

Mediterranean red mullet cooked at the salamander, marinated frisee salad, cannellini beans “furmetto”

For a notable fish dish, discover the pleasant flavors of the Mediterranean with a pan-seared red mullet which is firm and finely textured, with a tasty and scrumptious aspect. It is served with fragrant cannellini beans and marinated frisee salad—the perfect Mediterranean diet for everyone.

Agnello caci e ova e rapini ripassati

Roasted lamb saddle, spicy sautéed radish, classic egg and cheese “Caci e Ova” dressing

Get a taste of roasted lamb saddle that’s been cooked in the traditional process for a moist texture and uniquely rich flavor. The crispy skin and extraordinary tender meat are perfectly combined with red radish and authentic Italian sauce made from egg yolk. Don’t miss a chance to sample this extensive menu!

Rather than these inspiring items that are full of passion, commitment and creativity from Chef David Tamburini, La Scala also offers a variety of signature cocktails which include Americano with Foam and Grand Ma Fizz created by Head Mixologist Roberto Cuda.

Americano with Foam

Adapted from the traditional Italian recipe, Americano with Foam is a vermouth-based cocktail mixed with Campari, red wine reduction and topped with orange Prosecco foam. It somewhat tastes better as an Americano with a mild flavor from the foam on top.

Grand Ma Fizz

A unique take on the classic Gin Fizz, Grand Ma Fizz is inspired by the chamomile-based Italian aperitivo. Stylishly served in a white teacup, this sweet-scented cocktail is distinctively fresh and tasty.

After half a year of renovation, La Scala comes back stronger and better for the ultimate dining experience while maintaining its excellent customer service and a high level of standards. Whether you are a new or current fan of this restaurant, La Scala is definitely one of the best places in Thailand where you can experience iconic traditional Italian dishes.

To make a reservation, please call 02 344 8888 Ext 8654