J'Aime by Jean-Michel Lorain



Make every day an occasion at J'AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain


LUNCH : 12:00 – 14:30 hrs.
DINNER : 18:00 – 22:00 hrs.
SUNDAY BRUNCH : 12:00 – 15:00 hrs. (Every last Sunday of the month)

** CLOSE on every TUESDAY

If you are looking for an authentic French cuisine around Sathorn Nuea road, Great Gastro proudly presents you “J’AIME” at U Sathorn Bangkok hotel. This restaurant by World renowned Chef with 3 Michelin Star guarantees your utmost satisfaction with real French cuisine as if you dine in its original country.

J’AIME is founded by Chef Jean-Michel Lorain, the successor of famous Lorain family. The family is known for their distinctive art of cooking and as an inheritor of Côte Saint Jacques hotel and restaurant in Burgundy, France. Chef Jean-Michel Lorain was awarded as Chef of the Year in 1993 by Christian Millau, famous French food critic with the score of 19.5/20. Furthermore, this restaurant has been awarded the 3 Michelin Star for 25 continuously! In 2014, Chef Jean-Michel Lorain and his daughter Marine Lorain decided to expand the restaurant to Asia.

In cooperation with U Sathorn Bangkok hotel, the first J’AIME restaurant abroad has finally been founded. Today, we are delighted to invite you to join our ride to taste this magnifique, original Côte Saint Jacques’ French cuisine in the heart of Bangkok metropolitan.  

J’AIME surprises us with its Upside Down decoration style; the overturned, hanging glass piano is served as a chandelier shining in the eccentric purple light. The interior is led by purple and green furniture contrasting well with its antipode boutique beige.

There is an open kitchen zone for guests to chitchat with the creators and a bar decorated with Wine bottles on the opposite side. J’AIME’s specialty is the Franco-Asian dining style; to preserve its cuisine’s authenticity while serving oriental guests, round dining tables and chopsticks are to be seen. Each meal is also distributed to serve the Asian sharing etiquette.

Chef Amerigo Tito Sesti

J’AIME has brought various menus from its mother restaurant at Côte Saint Jacques with bonafide taste. Today Head Chef Amerigo Tito Sesti, the right hand of Chef Jean-Michel Lorain presents us with 5-course degustation menu, which is a brand new seasonal menu together with finest wine selection carefully selected by the professional sommelier.

As a sign of hospitality, 3 different kinds of fresh baked bread and homemade butter was served right from J’AIME’s kitchen.

Make yourself hungrier with lovely jelly filled with duck meat, an  Amuse Bush from Chef.

Creamy garlic soup with potato confit and chili bavarois

A portion of potatoes and chili bavarois will be filled with hot garlic soup after served. This soup has a taste of garlic bread; A mild taste of chili bavarois with soft potatoes; and the soft garlic without a strong smell have given us a great impression of a starter.

Tuna tartare with marinated eggplant, tomato gel and spicy cucumber bubbles

A cold sensation of tuna with organic vegetables should deserve a crown! This fresh taste of tuna, eggplant, green tomatoes, and cucumber will make your taste buds awake. 

Foie gras royale served with gac fruit declination and almonds

Premium foie gras coated by jelly gac fruit is served with gac fruit sauce mixed with almond crust and petite fried bread. Sweet and sour gac fruit, combined with crispy bread, turns this menu to a delightful dish.

Squid ink bread-crusted red mullet with sweet and sour ratatouille

Red Mullet with sweet and sour ratatouille sauce is served with stuffed squid. I’m sure that fish lovers will be very pleased with its crispy skin and soft fillet. The savoury stuffed squid matches perfectly with the menu.

Pan-seared beef fillet served with wild mushrooms and pumpkin

Medium rare beef goes very well with mushrooms and pumpkin. Their texture, along with the juicy sauce, bouncy mushrooms, and soft pumpkin, is totally recommended for meat fans.

Crispy pork belly with onion declination

Crispy fried pork belly served with French sweet dressing. The crispy skin and soft fillet gave us a different texture that makes this dish another don’t miss. 

Mille-feuille “Napoleon” / Rose ice cream in crystallized rose petals / Earl Grey and chocolate tart

How can anyone forget desserts when coming to a French restaurant? Today, Chef Amerigo has prepared 3 desserts for us. First is mille-feuille. The crispy bread is coated with a thin almond sheet, separated with J’aime original cream. Second is rose ice cream decorated beautifully with rose petals. And last is chocolate tart with earl grey filling. Having this premium chocolate with earl grey inside is something sweet and new.

Lastly, we tried Petit Four, homemade macaron by J’AIME. This macarons are not too sweet and full of texture.

We had a great experience with this 5-course degustation menu. J’aime represents authentic taste and texture in one plate, along with beautiful decoration with great wine pairing, by the famous 3 Michelin Star Chef Jean-Michel Lorain in a wealthy yet comfort atmosphere. Their service crews, trained by Marine Lorain, have made our dining experience complete.

“Therefore J’AIME is a beloved place for everyone like the name meant to mean.”