Tsu Sunday Brunch



WHAT    : Sunday Brunch

WHERE : TSU, JW Marriott Bangkok

WHEN    : Every Sunday from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs.

VIBE      : Zen and Calm decor, filled with Japanese food connoisseur, local and Japanese family.

A MUST : Wagyu Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki

PRICE    : THB 2,200++ per person

Famous for their “cool Sunday Bunch”, TSU is a modern Japanese restaurant in JW Marriot Bangkok. Due to popular demand, TSU restaurant is bringing back their concept of Sunday Brunch featuring an array of preminum sushi, sashimi and Japanese specialties. Happening every Sunday, 11:30 – 14:30 hrs, for a limited period of time!

TSU is located on the B floor of JW Marriot Bangkok, and is one of the most popular Japanese restaurant in Nana area. There are 3 sections to the restaurant: The sake bar, The main dining area – with a variety of seating options for you to choose from, and The private rooms (which we recommend for you to make an advance booking as they are often high in demand)

Starting off our meal there, TSU’s staff welcomed us with a glass of Sparkling wine or the option to choose from one of their Signature Cocktails.

After the welcome pleasantries are over, we recommend you to start your meal from the Sushi bar, prepared by the on-hand chefs, featuring sushi made from quality ingredients. TSU has a great Sashimi menu, offering sashimis such as: Atlantic surf clam, Octopus, Hamachi, Tuna and Salmon.

TSU’s Sunday Brunch also offers an assortment of Sushi rolls, made from quality ingredients. One of our favourites is the Soft Shell Crab roll (where the crab is not too oily but still retains it’s crispy texture and it is perfectly complimented with avocado) then there is the California Roll, Avocado and Eel roll, Futomaki roll, Grilled saba fish on Oshizushi and another favourite of ours: Spicy Tuna Roll (lightly spiced to compliment the fresh tuna)

The last section of the sushi bar features Nigiri sushis like: Negitoro (sushi topped with raw tuna minced), Crab stick Nigiri (sushi topped with crabmeat stick), Tamago Nigiri (sushi topped with egg roll), Grass Shrimp, Sea-bass, Salmon, Hamachi and Engawa Nigiri. To allow their customers truly enjoy the buffet experience, TSU’s Nigiri features large portions of their quality ingredients. This ensures that you can truly enjoy your dining experience with them

Next to the sushi counter is every Oyster lover’s dream. Featuring 3 different types of fresh oysters from all around the world: Normandy Oyster (from France), Ireland Oyster and Tasmanian Oyster (from Australia)

On the other side of the counter, you will find Japanese specialties that have been carefully curated by the sous chef. This section of delicacies may change every week due to the restaurant’s import of different ingredients. While we were there, we feasted on: Deep Fried Chicken with Sansho Pepper – a spicier version of chicken karage, Braised Ox Tongue (highly recommended by the chef) – the Ox tongue is broiled to tenderness leaving behind a soup filled with it’s unique aroma. We also had Deep fried Kurobuta Pork Skewers – crunchy to perfection without being overly oily. There is also the option of a salad bar for those who wish to add some Greens to their meal.

Beef lovers should not miss the Shabu Shabu/ Sukiyaki style of wagyu beef, made-to-order and served on a hot-plate style bowl.

Apart from the self-serving buffet available, the Sunday Brunch buffet also allows customers to order from the Ala carte menu. Some of the dishes we recommend are: Tempura – Shrimp, Sea-bass, Sweet Potato and pumpkin, Tsu Special Pork Fried Noodle, Hot Soba soup noodles with tanuki and spring onion and Cold Sanuki Udon Bonito fish soy sauce with fresh lime. All items on the ala carte menu can be order multiple times.

Finally, what is a buffet without dessert. TSU offers a large variety of dessert in their Sunday Brunch Buffet. Some scrummy treats include: Cherry Black Forest cake (highly recommended by the chef), Tiramisu Coconut – less sweet and more fragrant than what you would expect, Chocolate Caraway – a multi-layer chocolate cake that has caramel sauce in the middle. It was a little too sweet for our taste. Other desserts also include: Asuki Matcha Cake Roll, Hokkaido Soft Cheese Cake, Mix Fruit Tart, Sapporo Milk Pudding with berry, Matcha Crème Brulee and Chocolate Lava Cake – the hotel’s signature dessert which we also happened to LOVE!

TSU Sunday Brunch allows you to experience modern Japanese food made from the finest ingredients only at the price of THB 2,200++/person, every Sunday from 11:30 -14:30 hrs.