Speakeasy, The Charm of Prohibition Era in Bangkok


DINNER : 17:30 – 01:00 hrs.

Rooftop bars in Bangkok have been increasing by leaps and bounds to meet the rapidly growing community of sophisticated drinkers over the couple of years.

And with people’s nostalgic pull to old-school feelings, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar located on the 24th and 25th floor of the multiple award winning boutique hotel, Hotel Muse Bangkok, MGallery Collection, is unquestionably the matter of the moment.

The bar gives off a somewhat Great Gatsby vibe with dark wood, leather, glassware and dim lighting, recalling the 1920’s Prohibition era when all the activities related to alcoholic beverages were considered a crime in the United States.

The elegantly-appointed reception area leads you to the bar’s luxurious cigar lounge, The Blind Pig, offering premium cigars and whiskeys, as well as smoking jackets to protect your clothes from falling ash and acrid scent of smoke, in an old-timey atmosphere.

Next to the lounge is The Board Room with transparent glass roof and windows overlooking the dramatic view of the city’s skyscrapers peeking over the neighboring streets.

Meanwhile, the small terrace is offering an alfresco dining experience with a bar counter where guests can watch the mixologist in action with a cityscape backdrop.

Head one floor up through the hidden door for the open-air grass lawn with a 360° panoramic vistas of the city. The area also provides 3 iconic domes which can be reserved for private parties or and other event functions.

The menu at the Speakeasy mainly focuses on the internationally-inspired food with an Asian touch created by the master chef from the hotel’s Italian outlet Medici Kitchen and Bar, Chef Nicolino Lalla, with his distinctive flair on international cuisine.

Speak Easy Lobster Club

At the Speakeasy, it is highly recommended not to miss a signature Speakeasy Lobster Club. The modern, mouthwatering sandwich with Rock lobster is a surprising combination of avocado, grilled capsicum, smoky bacon, wild rocket and homemade Thousand Island dressing. The sandwich bread forms hard crusts and a soft crumb that blends perfectly with lobster meat and dressing sauce, simple yet divine for the palate.

Triple B (Babette’s Best Burger)

Here, the burger dish is something you couldn’t do it with your eyes shut. The fresh toasted brioche bread that exhibits savory and slightly sweet is filled with a beefy, moderately juicy burger patty, intermingled with caramelized onion, grilled bacon, Swiss cheese, and fresh vegetables. Served with deep-fried potato wedges, the menu is exactly how a quality burger should be expected.

Yum Salmon

The fresh salmon salad, which comes next, is a Thai-inspired dish of raw salmon flavored with a spicy Thai dressing that contains all the cornerstone palates of Thai dishes—sweet, sour, salty, and spicy; and a cornucopia of different Thai spices like shallots, lemongrass, and red chili peppers. It also features a golden crispy batter that gives a pleasant crusty lift to the dish.

Australian Steak Bowl

Of the Speakeasy’s gastronomic fares, the beautifully marbled black angus rib eye from Australia served on a bed of rocket, quinoa with blue cheese, caramelized onion, and marinated bell pepper shines out like a bright star in the dead of night. The meat from a cow fed with grain for 170 days is incredibly tender and juicy with a distinct flavor of the finest beef, making it far more impressive and enjoyable.

If there’s one thing that The Speakeasy does fabulously, it’s cocktails. A highly skilled mixologist, Lersak Jamkadsin who holds many certificates from respected organizations such as Diageo Thailand, the Bole Academy, and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, is in charge of the creation of classic and contemporary cocktails using only premium quality ingredients, to ensure guests satisfaction with stupendous experiences.

G & T

A fairly stylish drink for every classy lady is the G & T, a refreshing blend of cucumber, lychee, apple and butterfly pea-infused gin, aloe vera juice, and tonic, further enhanced with the aromatic fragrances of cucumber and olive, an interesting alternative to ordering a gin and tonic.

Citrus Colin

Vitamin-bomb your body with this innovative cocktail, Citrus Colin that comes with a combination of orange, lemon, and lime with gin syrup, complemented with grapefruit juice topped with soda and a shot tube of Grand Marnier, available in two different sizes, small (350ml) and large (1000ml).

Wasabi Martini

Derived from the light and fresh White Lady, this Japanese-inspired drink combines green tea-infused gin with wasabi, elderflower syrup, and lime juice, elevated stunningly with torched salmon and wasabi as a side dish, a delectable marriage of sweet and savory.

Other cocktail highlights include Bacon Old Fashioned, a classic twist of bacon-infused whisky, truffle syrup, orange peel, celery bitter, bacon, and dehydrated orange; and Czech Absinthe, a mix of whisky and Galliano with passion fruit, vanilla syrup, cinnamon, and Absinth.

Combining exceptional cocktails with vintage industrial décor and dazzling rooftop views, The Speakeasy Rooftop Bar at Hotel Muse Bangkok, MGallery Collection is stylish and memorable enough to stand apart from any other speakeasies in town.