WHAT    : New Tasting Menu, Monsoon

WHERE : HAOMA, Zero Waste Dining

WHEN    : Tuesday – Sunday from 17:30 – 23:00 hrs.

VIBE      : Effortless, yet impeccable. Extravagant, yet minimal. Authentic, yet unconventional. A rebuild sanctuary of sustainable. Hommy dining area surrounded by the green and fresh from Urban Farm.

A MUST : Monsoon Tasting Menu

PRICE    :
5 Courses at THB 1,590++ per person (add THB 1,290++ for 3 glasses wine pairing)
7 Courses at THB 1,990++ per person (add THB 1,490++ for 4 glasses wine pairing)

Haoma is a Casual Fine Dining Restaurant that originated from the passion, creativity and inspiration of Chef Deepanker (DK) Khosla. The restaurant is a new hotspot for sustainable food and cooking. Here, diners can immerse in nature and be rest assured that there will be zero wastage throughout their dining experience.

Haoma is the name of a sacred tree in legendary Persian myths. It is believed that the Haoma tree is the origin of all things on earth and that it completes the earth. Legend has it that anyone drinks water from Haoma’s trunk shall attain immortality.

For this reason, Chef DK decided to name his restaurant after this sacred tree. It was to reflect the philosophy of the his restaurant which is a sustainable world environment by keeping cooking waste and the disturbtion of nature to a minimum.

Chef DK is one of the leading culinary innovators in the field of environmental sustainability in Thailand. He has adhered to this motto at a young age as he grew up in a family that placed environmental sustainability of upmost importance. He started his career as a chef with a training from Starwood WelcomGroup culinary school and has since gained a lot of experience. His goal was to open up his own business by adopting a strategy of maintaining a Zero Waste environment. Eventually, his dream was achieved with the opening of Haoma in Bangkok last year.

Haoma is not just a restaurant, it is also a demonstration of how humans can live in harmony with nature. The restaurant is built from an old house in the heart of Soi Sukhumvit 31 and was renovated to be a 40-seater restaurant with a small outdoor lounge under a big tree that was originally on the property. The rest of the house was used as land to build Haoma’s very own urban farm – vegetable, herb garden, hygrophonics and a few of their own fish pond . The fish ponds use recycled water from the kitchen.

All the produce that is grown in Chef DK’s urban garden is used in the cooking of Haoma’s dishes and you will often see chefs in the kitchen walk out to pick up fresh vegetables or catch fish that will be prepared for customers to dine and enjoy. This concept that Chef Dk has in Haoma brings the concept of Farm To Table dining experience to another level.

Aside from the organic menu, the drinks created at Haoma are also made according to the concept of environmental sustainability.  Here at Haoma, they make their own alcohol. Chef Dk was kind enough to demonstrate his process of making alcohol. He made us the Tepache drink, where the alcohol is made from naturally fermented fruit. The drink tasted like a tangy sparkling wine and Chef DK’s sustainable cooking techniques never cease to amaze us.

In May, Chef DK presented a new menu in Haoma : The Monsoon Tasting Menu. There are two options to this menu. The first option is a 5 course meal (1,590 ++ Baht/ person, and additional 1,290 ++ Baht for 3 glasses of pairing Wine). The second option is a 7 course meal (Baht 1,990 ++/ person, and additional 1,490 ++ Baht for 4-glasses of pairing wine).

Today, we will take you to experience the new 7 course tasting menu that will surely satisfy your stomach!

Lacto-fermented Local Berries
Pickled Seasonal Fruit
Re-constructed Cracker Miang Kham

Start your meal with 3 appetizers: The first is Crispy rice crackers and sour sauce with a herbal aroma. This dish is inspired by a Nothern Thai dish – Miang Kham, so it’s taste is similar to that. The second appetizer is fresh, juicy watermelon with small dollops of full flavour, fragrant cheese. And finally, there is Pickled fresh strawberries in sour sauce.

Egg. Smoked Hollandaise. Hazelnut & Burnt Butter, Broad Beans

The second course to this menu is an egg dish. The dish features a poached egg that is served with Hollandaise sauce that has an aromatic woody taste to it. The egg is topped off with a crunchy crumble featuring a variety of nuts. On the overall, this dish presents a variety of textures – soft and crunchy, with a smooth eggy taste.

Bread House Churned Butter. Semi-dried Tomato

The third course is homemade bread made of adlay millet. Chef DK uses ground up adlay millet as the base of the bread, giving the bread a unique texture – soft but with a little crunch from the grains. The bread is served with homemade butter and sun-dried tomatoes which are imported from the royal project in Chiang Mai. On the overall, this was one of our favourite dishes as the aroma of the bread is so unique that it is one we doubt you’ll soon forget.

Scallop, Ice Apple. Avocado. Green Mango. Tiger Milk. Quinoa, Pickled Chilli

Hitting the middle mark of our 7-course meal is a salad dish featuring there are 3 main ingredients: scallop, ice apple (atap seed) and avocado topped off with a special salad dressing. In the dish, the ice apple and scallop are so finely sliced that they are almost indistinguishable. Avocado in the dish helps relieve some of the sourness in the dressing. There are also green mango, quinoa and cayenne pepper to add colour to your meal.

Chicken Liver-Magnum, 100% Cocoa, Pumpkin, Citrus

Next came the dish that was a surprise to us. Chef DK was inspired by Magnum when creating this dish : the chicken liver is coated with chocolate and nuts and is served on a stick, similar to that of a Magnum ice cream. The chicken liver is accompanied with oven-baked rosemary pumpkin that has a soft texture and fresh aroma. A citirus sauce finishes off the dish and gives the diner a sweet, savoury yet citrusy flavour proflie.

Grouper, Lettuce Cream. Beer Batter. Sweet Potato. Caper Salt

Inspired by Fish & Chips, our sixth dish is a deconstructed version of it. The fish (caught from the many pond present in Haoma’s urban garden), is baked to perfection and topped off with deep-fried frying powder. The chip here is represented by Japanese purple sweet potato , baked till perfection – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with a fragrant aroma. The dish is topped off with wasabi sauce, made from homegrown wasabi. The wasabi sauce was surprisingly not overwhelming and was mild, which complimented the two main stars perfectly.

Duck & Chicken Sandwich, Burnt Leck & Potato Puree. Braised Cabbage

The main dish of this 7-course menu is “sandwich” patty that is brought together by combining a portion of duck and chicken each. Serve with potato puree that is creamy goodness. Seared cabbage is also a companion on this dish, and it is completed with a sauce made from sweet onion.

Buffalo Milk Panna Cotta, Frozen Strawberry & Borage sorbet

After all that food, it was time for dessert! And we started off with a pre-dessert of Panna Cotta made from Buffalo milk, served with frozen strawberries for that extra crunch and sweetness. The panna cotta was topped off with a spoonful of Borage (starflower) sorbet that adds a hint of sourness to the sweet creamy dessert.

Caramelized Milk Bread, Sunchoke. Mood Ants, Sorrel

We started our main desserts with something sweet! Inspired by honey toast, a popular dessert in Thailand, this dessert features caramelised milk bread, baked to perfection and topped off with almonds and sunchoke. Accompanied by a dollop of vanilla ice cream, this is a dessert for you if you have a sweet tooth.

Corn Parfait, Charcoal, Coconut. Passion Fruit

The second dessert features a meringue that splits open to vanilla corn sauce, sitting in a pool of passion fruit sauce. The taste of this dessert is similar to that of  a Pavlova.

Chocolate. Buttermilk, Cocoa Nib. Mango

Finally, there is a rich chocolate cake with hints of bitterness from the chocolate. It is served with a slice of cooked mango and ice cream made from buttermilk and Whey protein.

Picapple Cabe, Compressed Fruits. Kombuxha

To finish our meal, we were presented with a small snack, like Petit Fours, which featured a small sorbet on a stick made from the Tepache drink we had earlier. There is also pineapple cake with a little jam on the side.

Haoma is a new experience of Zero Waste dining, both in food and beverage. It something that everyone should experience once in their life, a type of cuisine that is beautiful, unique and interesting all at the same time. Food for the environment, as we would call it.