Kristin Frederick



WHAT    : Chef Kristin Frederick special menu

WHERE : 25 Degrees, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

WHEN    : June – July 2018

VIBE      : Mixed crowd of international travelers and locals. Cosy yet relaxed environment with great music and attentive staff. Open 24 hrs.

Calling all Burger Lovers: Located on a bustling stretch of Silom, tucked away into the hip and popular Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is where you will find one of the best burgers in Bangkok – 25 Degrees Burgers, Wine and Liquor Bar.

Here, in 25 Degree’s cosy yet relaxed surroundings is where renowned burger maestro Kristin Frederick stars as guest chef from 5th – 9th June. With her arrival, comes a new special menu created by Chef Kristin herself and 25 Degree’s own Chef Sylvain Royer. Their aromatic and delectable menu will stay with the restaurant from June – July 2018.

Kristin’s special menu consists of two starters, three burgers and one luscious dessert while Chef Sylvain Royer created five delicious side dishes from Potatoes USA products with high quality American fries to complement Chef Kristin’s special menu.

Chef Kristin’s irresistible feast starts with a spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette, a fun salad that uses warm rendered bacon fat as the base for the salad dressing. The warmth partially cooks the spinach for a surprising salad experience: fresh with a hint of bacon oil making the dish savory but not overpowering. I personally enjoyed the hint of onion aftertaste. The 6 min egg was also a great balance of runniness that mashed perfectly with the salad

Next comes her summer slaw, a modern take on the traditional coleslaw, brightened up with colorful cabbage with added acidity, citrus and herbs. The result is refreshingly sweet thanks to the green apple, crunchy due to the purple carrot and the coriander completes the dish with a hint of freshness.

25 Degree’s very own Chef Sylvain Royer’s side dishes include American potato basket weave cuts features crispy fries with a spin twist on ketchup  – salsa sauce. There is intense flavors but the guacamole and salsa balances it out by adding zest. American mash potato balls and cheese where there is a sweet and savory balance in the sauce to the thick, creamy potato topped off with finely sliced bacon. American tater drums with duck confit, gravy and sunny side-up egg  where the perfect combination of cheese and eggs exists with a rich gravy to bring you the perfect harmony.

There is also the American potato steak cuts poutine with bacon and mushroom which is a nice balance of comfort fries with a savory sauce that’s not too salty. Lastly are his 3 signature sliders with American hash browns rounded consisting of crispy hash browns in replacement of buns, tender beef patties which are juicy with a hint of pepper and salt.

Highlights of Chef Kristin’s burger selections include the sticky, sweet and smoky barbecue burger, the most popular burger at Kristin’s food truck in Paris. The burger itself is not too sweet even though the patty is heavily drenched in barbeque sauce, crispy bacon adds more texture to the burger and Bun itself is buttery soft and fragrant. Blue cheese finishes the flavors to perfection.

For those who want to try something spicy, the green chili burger combines the cooking style of the American southwest and local Thai ingredients. Grilled mild Thai chili peppers and onions, herbs, are added to the patty to give the beef more character, whilst intensifying the patty’s original flavor. Melted spicy cheese and roasted garlic mayonnaise sauce finish this delicious East-meets-West burger.

Then there’s also the New York-inspired pastrami burger which is a mash-up of two very American cult classics; the burger and pastrami. It’s piled high with smoky cured meat on top of a burger, garnished with house pickled cabbage, secret sauce and Swiss cheese to honor the delicious pastrami Reuben sandwich. The smoky pastrami fills your mouth completely while the added pickle adds zest, which lingers in your mouth. A little sweetness in the sauce balances the entire burger perfectly.

Dessert lovers can end their meal on a high note with Kristin’s take on a classic American dessert; the Cobbler. It’s a warm crumble that adapted by using local fruit in the place of traditional apples served with homemade vanilla ice cream. The outcome – the perfect balance of hot and cold, with the right sweetness level. Little surprises like squash, chia and sunflower seeds add a crunch and additional texture  to the soft warm crumble.

Chef Kristin’s menu will be available until end of July.