Loong Foong



WHAT    : Ratchada’s Best Chinese Restaurant

WHERE : Loong Foong, Swissotel Le Concorde

VIBE      : Warm and classic, serving authentic & modern cantonese. Variety option for group dining, from 2 – 10 with private room. 

A MUST : Signature Dim Sum menu which more modern in details of ingredients.

Located on the 2nd floor of Swisshotel Le concorde, Loong Foong restaurant is one of the oldest and only 5-star Chinese restaurant in Ratchada’s area. The restaurant serves authentic Cantonese cuisine that has been re-invented with modern twists.

Getting to the restaurant is easy, as you can either drive to, or access the hotel by MRT – Huay Kwang station, exit number 2. The hotel is a short 5 mins walk from the station, along the main road.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, you will be greeted with a surprise. The exterior of the restaurant is designed with traditional aspects, yet in a modern day color scheme of dark grey. Glass doors at the entrance are decorated with Loong Foong’s signature crest of a dragon and phoenix. The interior of the restaurant sets off a different vibe that welcomes you with its warmer color scheme of creams and browns. All the furniture in the restaurant is a throwback to the 70’s, giving you all around traditional vibes.

The restaurant itself is divided into 3 sections – the “welcome zone” which is furnished with sofas, and momentos of famous/special guests that have visited the restaurant in the past. The second zone is the main dining room which seats about 60 people. There are also 6 private rooms which can be adjoined or have a separate lounge area attached to the room. All in all, this is a restaurant that caters to parties of any size.

Loong Foong derives it’s name directly from the majestic creatures Dragon, and Phenix. These creatures are symbolic in the Chinese culture, prevailing to their long standing importance in the Chinese history. Likewise, the menu create at Loong Foong seeks to capture the history of traditional cantonese cuisine, all while modernizing the dish itself.

Loong Foong was originally named after Doc. Cheng, a Singaporean Chinese doctor whose love was food. He often travelled, looking for new food and recipes. Whilst traveling in Bangkok, he discovered a huge diversity of different cultures, and methods of cooking from countries all over the world. It was from there that he created the East meets West style of cooking through Loong Foong, making one of the first restaurants to have such a cuisine style. Doc. Cheng’s belief that food is the basis to health and happiness of people is what Loong Foong still stands by today.

By incorporating modern ingredients into traditional recipes that have been passed down over the last 10 years, Loong Foong offers over 70 dim sum choices on their menu.

Here is a breakdown of their menu, featuring the best quality ingredients from around the world, starting from their signature Dim Sums.

Steamed Scallop and Egg white Dumplings with Bird’s Nest

A unique outlook to traditional dim sum, this dish features a light sweetness of the scallop and bird’s nest, topped off with freshness of the sea – fish roe. The overall texture is soft, and the dumpling melts in your mouth.

Steamed Crab meat and Prawn Dumpling top with Dried Bonito

This dish is a surprisingly salty creation. Which features a unique color – red. The strong aroma of the bonito flakes tops off the chewy paste which is a mixture of prawn and crab meat.

Crispy Taro Puffs with Diced Chicken and Foie Gras

Bringing a Traditional dish to new heights, Loong Foong’s rendition of the deep fried taro base (sweet) is topped off with a mouth of Foie Gras, done to perfection. This is a dish with many textures, sweet, crispy and savoury.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling topped with Gold Leaf

Squid ink shrimp dumpling, like the traditional shrimp dumpling with a twist in the skin. The filling is lightly spiced with a hint of pepper.

Crispy Prawn Mango Roll

A different take on the traditional spring roll, Loong Foong uses the tortilla powder as the exterior base, the inside of the roll houses shrimp and sweet mango which brings about a delightfully fresh experience.

Marinated Blue Crab and Shrimp Curry Flavor Infused

A savoury dish, the blue crab meat is juicy and tender, perfectly complimented with the shrimp infused curry.

After trying their array of unique dim sum, we proceeded to try their authentic cantonese menu.

Double Boiled Fish Maw Dried Scallop soup
Sitting in clear broth, you will find slices of fish maw, cooked to chewy perfection, Chinese mushrooms, dried scallop and xiao bai cai. The result is a sweet and lightly salted soup that goes down smoothly, leaving you wanting more.

Whole Barbecued Peking duck
This is one of the most famous dishes that can be found in many Chinese restaurants. Crispy duck skin with rice roll paper. Sweet and savory sauce is used to compliment the skin together with cucumber and leek.

The meat is then stir-fried with salt and pepper, simply done to showcase the tender duck meat flavours.

Steamed Black Grouper with Soya sauce
Light soy sauce to top off the chewy fish meat that is perfectly done. The freshness of the fish feels like you’re having a taste of the ocean.

Alaska King Crab with X.O. sauce
This dish features stir-fried Alaska king crab meat with X.O sauce. Slightly salty, and spicy, with is something that local Thai’s will love.

Loong Foong is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Ratchadap area and one that is suitable for every occasion, from business to leisure. The menu has over 70 different dim sums for you to choose from, together with their classic ala carte and set menus which will leave you spoilt for choice. You can even opt for the all you can eat Dim Sum buffet, available for lunch and dinner, daily, for THB 930 net / person.