La Scala Spring



WHAT    : Spring Menu

WHERE : La Scala, The Sukhothai Bangkok

WHEN   : Lunch from 12:00 – 15:00 hrs.
Dinner from 18:00 – 23:30 hrs.

VIBE      : Local & foreigner, corporate executive, as well as Sathorn high-profile community, not to mention “residence of The Sukhothai Residence”. More relax for lunch and turn glam and formal look in the night. With new additional glittering bar together with luxury yet professional open kitchen.  

A MUST : Every dish has its own story and all worth to try. Don’t miss the signature cocktails by head mixologist Roberto. It’s a kind of a modern twist on classic recipe with a spark.    

When the street of Bangkok turns from hot & humid to wet & flooding with heavy rain, it’s a sign of spring in Europe. The time when the ice is melt and all tree turn green. Season of the fresh ingredient is back. It is also giving a signal to all western chef in the World to start introducing his refreshing creation. It’s a time for “Spring Menu”, the seasonal most anticipation menu of the year. What does it mean for Bangkokian? A season of the new exciting list of delicacies for all of you to hunt it down!

The spotlight of this year inevitably shines brightly over La Scala, The Sukhothai Bangkok. Due to newly launch of the enticing culinary concept by Chef David Tamburini, Authentic Taste with modern presentation. You could expect the new fresh look of Italian menu with delicate decoration. His 2018 spring collection is promised to be the impressive set of authentic Italian taste, well cooked with complicated technique and using the most exceptional ingredient of the season. We have some sample for you today. Let start!

Kick off the meal with new La Scala service. Two amuse bouche menus come first. One is a tiny little flower (look alike) floating at the tip of a green stick in a flowerpot, and another one is an egg filled with a cream top with green powder all over the face. I won’t tell you what it is. This is just a little surprise chef David prepared to start your meal.

Continue with the bread, serve by trolley, cut and service at tableside by the expert who takes you through a mini-tour of dought and crostini. Come with Geraci Biologico Extra Virgin from Sicily; a premium olive oil serves exclusively at La Scala.

Stracciatella, funghi primaverili e asparagi
Clear chicken soup stracciatella, parmigiano “cloud”, wild spring mushrooms, asparagus

Start with lite and smooth appetiser menu. Chicken Consomme with white asparagus, morel mushroom and spinach. Cover the top with smooth foam made from white egg and parmesan cheese. This clear soup is outstanding at the aroma which mixed all ingredient and reminds me of fresh sense of the spring.

Pomodoro e mozzarella
Campania buffalo mozzarella bavaroise, piccadilly and datterino tomatoes, basil

Continue with an Italian signature ingredient, tomato. Chef David takes the pure taste tomato to a new level. Giant size tomato look-alike place over tomato paste made from Piccadilly tomato, small with a thin peel, and Datterino, a sweater one. Inside of the tomato is a smooth cream made from buffalo Mozzarella cheese from Campania, south of Italy. The dish is a modern Italian menu which presents the mesmerising taste of cheese and tomato with its perfect blend.

Polipo e patata
Crispy potato skin filled with potato foam, griddle Mediterranean octopus, green olive sauce

One of La Scala signature dish. Focus on two simple ingredients, potato and octopus. Potato boiled a bit then take out all potato and separate the peel out. Cook potato into a smooth, salty foam. Then put it back inside the peel which already deep fried. For octopus, chop in small piece and stir-fry with salt, pepper and lemon. Place all part beautifully on a plate and add green olive sauce before serve. Eat it all together, it a fun dish with variety texture, from soft, crispy to chewy.

Ravioli di carruba all’arrosto di maiale, aglio orsino
Braised black pork carob ravioli. wild garlic leaves essence   

It’s not an Italian meal without pasta. Chef David proudly presents carob ravioli with braised black pork stuff. Carob is the tree glows along the Mediterranean Sea; the pulp is taste like cocoa. Chef mixed it with the ravioli powder to create a unique flavour. Perfectly cooked, al dente texture, taste a bit sweet with unique sense from carob. The flavourful stuff made from black pork, use only cheek and belly part, slow cooked till it melted in the mouth. Serve with salty sauce with wild garlic aroma. Add final spell with wild garlic flower.

San pietro allo zafferano, zucchine e pistacchi
Steamed john dory fillet, saffron butter sauce, baby zucchini, grilled lemon and pistachio

Next is the main fish dish. An excellent piece of dory fillet served with pistachio, zucchini and butter sauce with saffron and lemon. This menu is showing Chef professional skill in balancing the taste and tender texture of dory fillet with lite and refreshing aromatic sauce together with the side.

Costolette di agnello al timo e vignarola primaverile
Roasted iberico lamb rack, spring vegetables casserole, camomile and thyme jus

Here comes the main dish. A perfect piece of lamb rack cook to medium rare, crispy and salty skin, beautiful touch with a pleasant aroma. Serve with spring vegetable casserole. Add flavour with a special sauce with a sense of chamomile and thyme. This memorable main dish is perfectly cooked and uses one of the best ingredients then let the original taste and texture shine.

Mascarpone and carob mousse, sambuca infused beetroots, granola

End up the meal with beautiful dessert, a cup of red roses made from beetroots and apple. The mouse of carob mixed with mascarpone fill the bottom of the bowl and add the final spark by spray sambuca which is an Italian liqueur that made from wild forest herbs smells like absinthe. This dessert is the one that leaves the last impression to the meal and correctly represents the fresh season of Spring.

This is just a sample of Chef David exclusive creation. Experience the incredible spring season at La Scala, The Sukhothai Bangkok. With much more new creative menu, ready to serve you now!

“Italian cuisine is made of simple ingredients, providing an insight into its beauty. I believe that simplicity is not trivial in the development of our techniques creating fresh tastes that are faithful to the memory yet always able to reflect new ideas.”

Chef David Tamburini