WHAT    : Islero Modern Spanish Cuisine

WHERE : G Floor, The Athenee Tower

WHEN   : Mon – Fri, 11:30 – 14:30 hrs. / 17:00 – 24:00 hrs.
Sat – Sun, 17:00 – 24:00 hrs.

VIBE      : Local & Expat & Traveler who is seeking Spanish delicacies. Comprising 3 zones, dining, tapas bar & outside alfresco wine & dine.      

A MUST : “Segovia” Roasted Suckling Pig. A crispy pork skin with a unique aroma served tableside. Ask sommelier to pick you an excellent pairing of Spanish wine from restaurant’s private cellar. 

Bangkok has always been blessed with various kinds of international cuisine. Among a number of establishments, Spanish restaurants are one of the most popular choices in this past few months. Islero, a contemporary Spanish restaurant named after Spain’s legendary fighting bull in 1947, is the finest example of its kind. Home to a finest selection of wine and premium imported ingredient, this fantastic place served authentic Spanish food in Michelin Star quality.

Located at the Ground floor of Athenee Tower on Wireless Road, the restaurant is only at the opposite side of Plaza Athenee Bangkok Hotel. Overall, Islero divided into 2 zones: a dining part and a Tapas bar. A dining area decorated in a modern mood with wooden furniture and warm tones. Adding more fun to a place, a moveable colourful partition were hung around the space. To keep the restaurant in luxurious look, a warm-toned light is applied with black and brown seats. 

Islero’s menu are well developed from Kitchen Laboratory under a supervision of 2 talented chefs: Chef Pedro, an executive chef of the restaurant who has been working with Michelin Stars restaurants for many years and Chef Eduard Bosch, who created a famous menu for 3 Michelin Star restaurant ‘elBulli’ in Spain. What you may expect to see at this fabulous restaurant is a combination of classic Spanish dishes and cutting-edge cooking style such as a high-tech Jasper’s oven. 

A wine collection at Islero has been taken very seriously, this might be the only place you could find the most luxurious Spanish wine in town. Selected by Spanish Sommelier, Islero promises you an exclusively Spanish labels from local Spanish château. 

After a brief history, now it’s time for food. 

Mixed Iberico Cold Cut

A signature Spanish Cold Cut made from famous Iberico wild boar. Divided into 4 kinds: Jamon Iberico, Jamon Serrano, Chorizo, Prosciutto, the taste of this local cold cut is salty and savory with a special smell from each kind. To add more flavors, it was served with a big slice of crispy bread topped up by minced tomato.  

“Bellota” Spanish Iberico Ham

Another way to enjoy bread, a big slice of crispy baked bread with tomato spread topped up with Iberico Ham made from Iberico pigs. You would love this sour taste of the sauce and salty-savory sense of ham. 

Bomba de la Barcelona

Potato and pork croquette is quite a dish for everyone. This deep-fried dish served with sour tomato sauce, which perfectly light up a taste of warm sweet potato and salty minced pork. Another standout tapas we would love to recommend.

Idiazabal Cheese Cream

For the love of cheese, you shouldn’t miss this one! A fluffy cream cheese served with a thin slice of crispy baked bread. A cream cheese itself is tender with just a touch of saltiness, same sense with Burrata cheese. 

“Rostit Catala” Cannelloni

A thin pasta roll envelops delicate and flavourful stuffing of melt-in-a mouth slow-cooked mix of beef and pork. Dressing with demi-glace cream sauce, which was enhanced by a whiff of black truffle purée, this dish of cream and cheese is truly amazing.

Grilled Octopus

A bite-sized cut of grilled tentacles served in sweet Castilian sauce. The Octopus is juicy, the Giant Bean is chewy, and the crisp Spanish Lardp (Spanish bacon) is a great accent to all the other flavors. What a perfect appetizer to clean up your taste buds. 

Baked Red Snapper

A whole Red Snapper baked in a pan full of seafood stock, fried shallot, potato, and sun cherry tomato. Have it cooked till a stock fill into fish meat, this remarkable seafood dish surprise us with fantastic taste and texture, together with Mediterranean aromatic smell and bittersweet crunch of shallot

“Segovia” Roasted Suckling Pig

A highlight of tonight features a whole roasted suckling pig imported from Spain. This special piglet was raised in extraordinary condition for it has only a thin layer of fat with a good smell. A young pig at the age of 2-3 months (weight not more than 3 months) is rich in collagen and has yet to develop strong, robust muscle fibers. Roasting with an apple in Honey Mustard sauce at 65°C for 12 hours, a roasted suckling pig is incomparable moist, tender and juicy while a skin is crusty. It was served with a signature sauce made of pork’s stock, which makes its taste become clearer. 

Tocinillo de Cielo

Our first dessert goes to this adorable pudding. A texture is tender and moisture from egg York and syrup then cut into small square pieces served alongside with a silky smooth whipped cream. To make fun, it was served with sour passion fruit and berries sauce. 


The sweet dish consists of soaked in milk deep-fried bread, sour and sweet passion fruit ice-cream and a cinnamon powder on top. Another perfect combination of all time. 

Cheese Pudding

Philadelphia soft and fresh cheeses served in a jar with sweet syrup on top. This lovely sweet comes with a tropical taste of mango and honey. 

If you are looking for a perfect place served you creative dish with an authentic sense of Spanish ingredients cooking in modern style. Why don’t you try this fantastic Islero restaurant?