China House



WHAT    : China House, Dim Sum Lunch 

WHERE : Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

WHEN   : Tue – Fri from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs.

PRICE   : THB 888++ per person for the unlimited Dim Sum plus select one choice of Soup / Rice or Noodle / Dessert

VIBE      : A Quiet / More private place to enjoy high quality Dim Sum with the legendary service of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Of course at very attractive price. 

A MUST : Don’t miss all menu with mark by the restaurant logo, it is all signature selection. 

Chinese food and restaurants are always the best choices among Thai people. Divided by regions of China, Chinese culinary are different in style and ingredients. However, Cantonese cuisine is arguably one of the finest contributions to Thai dining society. Today Great Gastro Life have an opportunity to visit China House, one of the finest Cantonese Retardant in Town.

Located in a 140-year-old Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, China house has long been the mainstay of traditional Cantonese cuisine at the hotel. This classic restaurant offers a Cantonese high-end cuisine in a beautiful, refurbished, colonial house that is decorated in Shanghai Art Deco style. Red and black are the main scheme, contrasting to wooden furniture. Contemporary Chinese artworks can be found everywhere inside.

Home to stunning Cantonese fine dining, this two-storey colonial building is truly a delicate place to enjoy a huge among of varieties Cantonese food in a Classic wealthy Chinese house atmosphere. Not everybody visit the place-based service and decoration, this award-winning restaurant features an a la carte menu, unlimited Dim Sum (Tue-Sat) and a Brunch Buffet (Sat & Sun) containing many signature dishes from the menu.

Walking into a classic house, you will first welcome at a high ceiling middle hall. Overall, China house divided into 2 zones: a dining part and a bar. A two-floored dining area with square dining tables for 2-4 guests. Adding more style to a place, a dinnerware set is a modern style Chinese stoneware decorated in black and white.

On the first floor situate yet another sexy space to enjoy a fabulous drink in blue lighting atmosphere.

For those who come with a big group, the restaurant also offers a private dining facilities. Two to Three private dining rooms are available, each seating up to 10 guests for a small room and 20 guests for a larger one.

When it comes to what’s on the plate, China House served the best collection of Chinese food created by talented Executive Chef Andy Leong Siew Fye, who has been working at this stunning Cantonese fine dining restaurant for many years. Known for his skill and talented, Chef Leong is one of the most experienced chefs in town with strong background worked with many leading restaurants in the different part of China. Chinese food might be common to find in Bangkok, but if you are looking for a premium authentic Chinese cuisine with a creative twist, you are at the right place! Chef Leong promises to bring you flavors and charms from each local Chinese regions via Cantonese high-end cuisine.

What we have here at China House is totally amazing! Chef Leong surprises us with special treats created with seasonal ingredients combined with professional techniques. China house’s menus, honoring classic Chinese dishes while embracing modern cooking style, are served in Fine Dining style. Diners can choose both in a la carte or in a set.

Today I would like to bring you all to experience the lunch menu that served between 11.30-14.30 hrs. every Tuesday to Friday. The lunch set included unlimited Dim Sum where guest can enjoy 30 kinds of treats, 1 bowl of soup, 1 dish of rice or noodle and 1 dessert as your choice. This fantastic offer is available only at THB 888++ per person. From many adorable items, my lunch start with soups: Szechwan’ hot and sour shredded chicken soup and Traditional clear soup with spinach crabmeat and bamboo piths which you can choose from 4 choices available in a menu.

Szechwan’ hot and sour shredded chicken soup

A clear sour soup comes with a touch of spice, mixed with a small slice of chicken, The soup itself is smooth, good for clear your taste buds.

Traditional clear soup with spinach crabmeat and bamboo piths

This smooth and tender soup are mixed with minced green spinach crab meat and bamboo piths. Although, the taste is not so strong, its harmony with sweetness from vegetables and saltiness from big pieces of crab meat. 

Now we are moving to a highlight of the day, an unlimited Dim Sum. Here I will introduce you full set of 28 Dim Sum menu start from fried to steamed.

Deep fried pandanus and salted egg yolk buns

A medium size of deep-fried steamed bun. The hot green creamy smooth-textured pandan custard works beautifully with egg yolk, overall this menu is one of my favorite.  

Baked BBQ chicken and apple puffs

East meets West, isn’t it? This creation brings western style puff to another level, added a sweet minced BBQ Chicken with fresh apple inside. This comes in a crispy puffs covered with york, then topped up with sesame.

(From left to right ) Fluffy taro dumplings ‘Cantonese’ style : A Cantonese-style fried taro comes with a crusty and flaky exterior. A salty minced shiitake mushroom filling added more characteristic to this treat. Deep fried vegetarian spring rolls : Another deep-fried item filled with fresh vegetables served alongside with a sweet and sour plum sauce. Creamy crabmeat and onion spring rolls : This triangle spring roll features a crusty exterior filled with a mixed of stir-fried crab meat and onion in cream sauce. For me, this item added some sense of French, yet still kept Chinese characteristic by using onion. Deep fried prawn in bean curd skin roll : The fillings of minced prawn are generous, covered by crispy and flaky curd skin roll. If you fancy of fried dish, make sure you wouldn’t miss this one.

(From left to right) Pan-fried turnip cake with roasted duck : A deep-fried turnip cake comes with soft and tender sponge cake like texture full of fresh cabbage smell. To light up the taste, don’t forget to try it with sour sauce. Wok-grilled chive cake : This fried chive cake is chewy inside with a crisp, golden shell. Flavored with Chinese chives and minced pork, this is a classic snack you can’t say no!

Shrimp and pork ‘siew mai’ dumpling

A minced shrimp and pork dumpling spice up with XO sauce on top.

Scallops and pork ‘siew mai’ dumpling flavored with fish roe

A dumpling filled with minced pork and scallop then topped up with fish roe. The taste is simple, but simple is always the best. 

Fresh shrimp ‘Har Gow’ dumplings with green pea shoots

How could we miss ‘Har gau’, a translucent shrimp dumplings with a wheat starch skin? The dumpling sturdy, slightly chewy but not tough, with perfectly cooked, crisp shrimp mixed with a green pea inside.

Steamed shrimp and caviar crabmeat dumpling

Wanna try something more luxurious? How about this steamed shrimp and caviar crabmeat dumpling? This good-looking dish is filled with harmony taste from high qualities ingredients. Try it and you will love it.

Steamed assorted mushrooms, ear fungus and winter melon dumplings

This various kind of stir-fried vegetables and mushroom in thin dumpling skin working well in combination. This savory item is yet another perfect fresh up after long lists of dumpling.

Steamed lobster ‘Fatt Choi’ dumpling, with spinach

The last thin skin dumpling goes to a mined lobster and spinach dumpling.

The China House black truffle ‘Siew Long Bao’

Bring a level up, this Siew Long Bao features a steamed bun served with clear soup inside. The soup comes with a good aromatic smell from the black truffle. If you love truffle, this one won’t let you down.

Steamed abalone and chicken dumpling

A steamed abalone mixed with chicken dumpling gives a full sense of harmony, a harmonious blend of sweet sauce and salty abalone in a bite.

Congee with crab stick and fish fillet

A smooth Hong Kong Style Congee comes with a touch of salt, then added more texture with crab stick and fish fillet. 

Steamed rice rolls with shredded abalone and vegetable fermented bean sauce

Another menu for abalone lovers does not miss this thin steamed rice rolls filled with a thin slice of abalone and vegetables served in bean sauce.

Honey-glazed roasted ‘Char Siew’ pork buns

A soft and fluffy steamed pork bun left us craving for more, the bun is warm and a roasted pork is full of flavors with slightly sweet from the honey.

Steamed buns filled with fragrant coconut and egg cream custard

These lovely steamed buns are one of my favorite. The not-too-sweet fluffy buns are served with coconut cream filling.

After travel through more than 20 Dim Sum menus, now we shift to an a la carte menu and desserts. What we tried to today are to be mention in the next paragraph.

Wok fried flat noodles with shrimps and egg sauce

Flat noodles fried in Chinese-style sticky sauce mixed with egg. This wok fried noodles served with a big cut of prawn, a perfect combination of all time.

Braised rice with seafood and vegetable ‘Fu Jin’ style
A traditionally Fu Jin style braised rice is another awesome menu we would like to introduce. A fried rice served with various kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and prawn.

Our last stop is dessert station. I know you are waiting for this, me too. Let’s have a look.

Mango and dragon fruit pudding

A smooth and creamy not-too-sweet pudding comes with a full tropical sense from mango and dragon fruit. This adorable sweet served with cream sauce and pieces of fresh mango. 

Chilled cream of coconut, sago pearls with rock melon ball

A scoop of melon served with soaked in coconut milk sago pearls, then cold down in a refrigerator before served. Fresh in taste and fabulous in style, a perfect end for our review.  

After a big meal, I have an opportunity to have a chill talk with Chef Leong. Our talented chef shared with us his passion and creativities to deliver a finest Chinese food to his beloved diners. Under a supervision of Chef, every menu is well selected from best quality ingredients combined with professional skill. To impress the guests, Chef Leong always remembers his guest’s favorites menu and more than happy to answer their request even if that dish is not included in a menu.

If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in classic and luxury atmosphere , do not miss a chance to experience a taste of real Cantonese food from Chef Leong alongside a legendary service from Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. While many people visit Chinatowns for a cheap and classic chines dishes, if you looking for something more fabulous, China House might suit you best.