Chef Bart Cywinski



WHAT    : Introduce New Executive Chef Bart Cywinski

WHERE : Medici, Hotel Muse Bangkok

VIBE      : Exclusive launch of new concept & menu for Medici Kitchen & Bar of Hotel Muse Bangkok

A MUST : Be the first to get this sneak peek of what will happen at Medici.

Hotel Muse Bangkok by M Gallery Collection, Langsuan leading chic and famous hotel where the alluring design of King Rama 5 era blend with acclaim Prohibition Era’s Industrial look. The unique property is also a home of three favourite restaurants and bars, Medici Kitchen and Bar, Babette’s Steakhouse and Speakeasy rooftop Bar.

After seven years of excellent service, It’s a time to introduce something new and more exciting to the vibrant market like Bangkok. Hotel Muse Bangkok proudly present the new executive chef Bart Cywinski, a new generation chef with professional skills and modern creativity. His talent and passion provided opportunities for him to work in some of the best kitchens in Europe and Asia such as “The Grill at the Dorchester” in London, “ToTT’s and Roof Terrace” at the Mandarin Oriental Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong, and most recently “JAAN” the one Michelin star restaurant in Singapore.

Chef Bart Cywinski will bring his modern mind and gentle creativity to the kitchen of Hotel Muse Bangkok. Start from Medici Kitchen and Bar. He will turn this authentic Italian favourite to Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean touch by using modern concepts and techniques. He is also committed to working with sustainable, organic and local products sourced from Thailand. Over 50% of the ingredients come from Royal Project and Local and sustainable source now.

New Medici’s menu will present in the new modern style under the exciting concept of Italian with Mediterranean Flavour. Forget about all authentic look, expect something instagraming and worth to experience.

At this occasion when we first meet Chef Bart by an invitation of Hotel Muse Bangkok. Chef Bart present us a sneak peek of what will serve soon at Medici Kitchen and Bar which give us a crystal clear understanding of the new concept and his creative ability.


Sturgeon caviar, avocado mousse

Start with fresh ocean crab meet which craves in the small portion. Juicy and tasty touch and texture. Add some more beautiful decor and flavour with avocado mousse, longan sphere and top with sturgeon caviar produced from a farm in Hua Hin.


Bellota chorizo, porcini

The second dish is presenting the smooth texture of mash potato and egg yolk together with salty taste bellota chorizo and ar unique aroma of porcini. Chef recommended to mixed everything in the bowl jointly so you can taste all elements at one time.


Black olive tapenade, clam farfalle Base on local ingredients

The main dish is Andaman Seabass, the big bold fish, tender and crispy with salty taste at the skin. Serve with sour black olive tapenade and farfelle pasta. Smooth and pleasant texture with temptation aroma from perfect cooked seabass.

After the main course, chef surprises us with traditional limoncello in the modern style. He presents this Italian style liquor as sorbet in lemon which places over the ice bowl to keep it cool.


Pistachio sponge, dill meringue, strawberries Beautiful

Last but not least, the highlight of modern food presentation mostly comes with dessert. Chef Bart does not disappoint us when he presents his Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta. The plate full of colourfull elements, place beautifully in different shape and curve. Sweet panna cotta cover with strawberry film together with dill meringue, fresh strawberries and pistachio sponge.

This is just a sample; Chef Bart has more for you to experience at Medici. We also excited about his next step at Hotel Muse Bangkok in the near future.

Hotel Muse Bangkok also introduce us their new sustainable project to minimise the effect on Mother Earth with Straw Wars Project. At every restaurant and bar will offer the metal straw to the guest instead of the typical use of plastic one. Which is the very great beginning and we hope to support and be part of this sustainable program.