Fireplace Grill



WHAT    : Fireplace Grill and Bar

WHERE : G Floor InterContinental Bangkok

WHEN   : Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12:00 – 14:30 hrs. / Dinner: 18:30 – 22:30 hrs.

VIBE      : Exclusive and formal atmosphere. One of the longest running fine dining spot of Bangkok. Most guest in business look. Open kitchen at the center while a new refurbished room look like a living room in the western rich mansion. Well trained staff and friendly chef.

A MUST  : Every thing grilled. It all best or close to perfect. Signature cocktail is outstanding and more value than many upscale bar around ratchaprasong district. 

A good piece of meat can be cooked for various dishes: boil, stew, or fried, but nothing matches a cut of beef more than to grill. Of course, the best method for a big cut of Prime Rib, the famous Kobe beef, the yummy Wagyu, or the European Angus beef is nothing but similar.

Because we know that you love beef, so we are more than welcome to bring you to try one of the best grill dining experience in Bangkok. Grilled with a charcoal stove using the finest ingredients from a skillful chef, this restaurant will create an exclusive dining moment along with fancy drinks.

Fireplace Grill and Bar is a Steakhouse, located on the basement floor of InterContinental Bangkok (Ratchaprasong intersection). With the talented chef and high-quality menus, Fireplace Grill and Bar has been guaranteed as one of the best Fine Dining places in Bangkok for almost 50 years.

With a high ceiling and warm, orange lights welcome guests to friendly European wine basement-lookalike atmosphere. The Open Kitchen in the middle of the place entices guests to see how their meals are made.

Fireplace Grill also welcome you with an outstanding and well-balanced cocktails. Enjoy signature drinks in a comfortable and welcome atmosphere before a meal or pick your favorite glass to enjoy your relaxing moment at the bar. Fireplace Grill and bar are known for its skillful Mixologist and outstanding customer service, in which you shouldn’t miss at any point.

Our chef Sebastian Reischer comes from Austria. He has been living in many countries in Europe and Asia and has served the Ambassador of Austria in Singapore before. He once cooperated with the famous chef Ian Pongtawat Chalermkittichai in the Iron Chef Thailand show. With his creative cooking techniques, along with seasonal, high-quality ingredients makes our dinner unique and memorable.

Let’s see what the menus are!

Start with pre-meal bread, serve in 3 small pots together with homemade truffle butter and Échiré, imported French butter.

Caesar salad
Baby gem lettuce, anchovies, Reggiano shavings, crispy Parma ham, garlic croutons

Starting with the first appetizer, the normal Caesar Salad with extraordinary servings. We have seen how to make them in details for the first time. Starting with the dressing preparation, egg yolk, mustard, tabasco, and olive oil are mixed until it becomes creamy. Then add chopped garlic, caper sauce, anchovy, salt and pepper to create taste, then a little bit of cheese. When they are well-mixed, use fresh baby gem lettuce to mix with the sauce, then add cheese, croutons, and Parma ham.

This menu also allows guest to choose the sauce ourselves during cooking. We could taste and adjust it as we like. Using Parma ham instead of fried bacon also adds an aromatic signature to this meal.

Lobster salad with mango salsa

The next plate of salad comes with yellow mangos, which mixed with Cayenne pepper, coriander, shallot, and with some sour from lemon and olive oil for an aroma. Avocado and lobster are served along with the salad. The smell of coriander goes so well with the sweet mango and lobster meat. No wonders why this plate is one of the most popular plate here!

Challan duck
Confit duck and fig cigar, chickpea puree, duck glace

The first main dish we had is the medium rare grilled duck, which comes with its signature scent and rich in taste. The sauce “duck glace” is sweet and subtly sour. The meal is served with a chickpea puree with eggplant filling.

Grilled Tomahawk
Pure 100% Black Angus onyx marble score 3-4 Roasted vegetables, gratin potatoes, collection of sauce and mustards (Great for 2-3 people)

Angus beef fore shank is famous for high fat. Guaranteed with the marble score 4 ( level of the Subcutaneous fat layer), this thick Grilled Tomahawk will surely taste like heaven! After grilled on the charcoal stove, then the small-sliced meat is ready to be served.

Tips: marble score is an international beef quality grading system. It refers to visible fat found between muscle fibre bundles and is assessed within the rib eye muscle. Beef Marble Score (BMS) ranks from 1 to 5 (best).

Tomahawk is sliced into a thick piece, then layered on a plate with green vegetables and red tomato. This medium rare steak is rich in taste. While it’s crispy outside, there’s oil pulling out to soften the meat. It’s so good without sauce, but of course, there are 3 different sauces for you to choose: pepper sauce for spicy lovers, mushroom sauce for mild taste, and gravy sauce for a tiny taste of sour.

Grilled Tomahawk also comes with a side dish. Gratin potatoes with grilled vegetables taste equally good as if it’s not a side. The cheesy gratin merges with warm cream to eat with potatoes and crispy fried veggies making this meal so delightful.

Seafood from the Grill
Whole grilled Maine lobster, Tiger Prawn, Norwegian snow fish, sea bass

Another highlight for tonight goes for a mixed seafood grilled. The menu offers a wide selection of items start from a big size of lobster, a melt-in-the-mouth snow fish from Norway, a big cut of fresh seabass, and what we love the most, a Tiger Prawn with the full flavor of the sea.

Once we are done with savories, sweet is a must. Although Fireplace Grill and Bar is famous for its seafood and grilled, their dessert is also a big highlight. What we would like to show you today is French style Crêpe Suzette.

Crêpe Suzette
Flambé crêpes, orange liquor

If you are a fan of fine dining, you might be familiar with this orange crepe. However, it might be more interesting to see all the cooking process of this sweet dish. When you order the crape; the staff will bring a trolley to cook and flambé the crêpe right in front of you.

The staff starts from dissolving brown sugar with brown sugar in a heated pan, then adds a glass of orange juice, and a half short of rum. The alcohol will flambe a sauce with fire.

Melt a butter. Add orange juice and orange zest then cook for 1-2 min until boil. Add the crepes to the pan to coat both sides in the orange syrup.

To make the second flambe, peel an orange in one piece and pour another half shot of rum from the top. The oil from orange skin together with rum will run to the pan and mix with our sauce. This second flambe will add special aroma to the orange syrup.

Fold each crepe into quarters and place on a warm serving plate. Crêpe Suzette, here we go! Here we also have a choice of banana, strawberry or orange caramel sauce served with vanilla ice cream. A warm crepe with a bit bitter and sweet orange syrup is such a perfect match to icy and creamy vanilla ice cream. Although, it is a bit pricey, but far more superior to ones you get at the buffets.

White chocolate mousse
Griottine cherries, cherry sorbet

For the next dessert, we went for White chocolate mousse, a soft and tender moose served with homemade sour cherry ice cream. A sour a better, this piece of sweet also goes with fresh strawberry and blueberry.

After tons of food, you might want to enjoy your evening with several glasses of the signature cocktails. If you are not sure what to order, here we come with some suggestion.

Art of Siam
Ketel Vodka, Sambuca, Almond Syrup, Cream

A golden glass of cocktail inspired by Siamese artwork. The cocktail is strong, yet refreshing with the aroma from Almond syrup added up with smooth and tender cream on top. This good looking cocktail will surely impress you with a sense of Thai.

In the Moon
Ciroc Vodka, Strawberry Liqueur, Elder Flower Syrup, Apple Juice, Fresh Rosemary

The vodka-based cocktail comes with a touch of sweetness from strawberry, apple, and elderflower. The soft aroma of fresh rosemary makes it more interesting. If you are looking for some outstanding well-balanced cocktail, you shouldn’t miss this glass.

Rocky Sour
Olmeca Tequila Gold, Passion Fruit Syrup, Pomegranate Syrup, Orange Juice, Fresh Passion Fruit

The last glass goes to a sour cocktail with notes of passion fruit, orange, and Pomegranate Syrup. If you want to go for bitter-sweet mood, this cocktail is the right answer.

With over 50-year history of satisfied diners, Fireplace Grill and Bar remains the oldest steak house in Bangkok. The setting is classy with a classic old world charm dominated by the large charcoal grill at the central. Visit this lively homey Grill house for an extraordinary dining experience with finest and the freshest array of seasonal produce from 12:00-14:30 hours for lunch and 18:30-22:30 hours for dinner.