The Sukhothai Bangkok



WHAT    : Celadon’s Signature Khao Chae

WHERE : Celadon, The Sukhothai Bangkok

WHEN   : 1-30 April 2018

PRICE   : For Dine in at THB 990++ per set and Take Away at THB 1,200++ per set

Stay cool in the heat of April with Celadon’s Signature Khao Chae 1-30 April 2018

The Sukhothai Bangkok, renowned throughout the capital for its delicious Thai cuisine, proudly invites discerning diners to savour the traditional Thai summer dish, Khao Chae, during April.

Khao Chae, a refreshing flower-scented rice dish topped with ice, Thailand’s answer to the hot summer climate, will be served for lunch at award-winning Celadon restaurant from 1-30 April for Dine in at THB 990++ per set and Take Away at THB 1,200++ per set.

Khao Chae is referred to as rice soaked in cool water, “Khao” meaning rice and “Chae” to soak. Around the time of King Rama II, the recipe was adapted from a Mon dish and modified through the ages. In those days, ice was not available in Thailand, so water was kept cool by putting it in earthenware vessels in a shaded place.

Khao Chae, as prepared by Chef Rossarin at Celadon consists of a lavish array of traditional condiments, including fried shrimp paste balls, ground steamed stuffed bell peppers with minced shrimp, sweetened shredded fish, fried stuffed shallots with ground catfish, crispy beef or pork threads, sweet preserved radish, watermelon with sweet ground fish and shallot and homemade marian plum in syrup. Served with exquisitely steamed jasmine rice infused with chilled jasmine water, Khao Chae provides a cooling, memorable dish for the hottest of months!

Celadon opens daily: Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 hrs. Dinner from 18:30 to 23:00 hrs.

Classical Thai Dancing is performed daily at 20:00 hrs. and 21:00 hrs.

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