WHAT    : Elements

WHERE : 25th Floor, The Okura Prestige Bangkok

WHEN   : Tuesday – Saturday from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.

VIBE      : French cuisine with Japanese influences in a relaxed, informal setting with menus that reflect a remarkable blend of textures, temperatures, flavors, and colors. With a neat interior and stunning view over downtown Bangkok, a restaurant is luxuriously.

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world and for a reason. You can find almost anything here: wonderful cultural heritage, thick jungle, crystal blue beaches, and of course, when it comes to a food, Bangkok offers you best dining experience around from simple street food to dishes in Michelin star restaurants. Western fine dining, especially French and Italian, has been in the heart of Bangkok’s dining for decades, and those fancy restaurant in Bangkok can be widely found in the capital. So you will never be far from a good plate of pasta. However, in such a high competition market, presentation and inspiration in creating a story behind each dish seem to be a new selling point rather than ingredient and technique.

Today Great Gastro Life will bring you another unique experience of fancy dining where quality, service, and inspiration are carefully selected to deliver you a pick of the best creation at Elements, fine dining restaurant in a five-star luxury setting, at The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Situated on 25 floors of The Okura Prestige Bangkok, Elements offers French cuisine with Japanese influences in a relaxed, informal setting with menus that reflect a remarkable blend of textures, temperatures, flavors, and colors. With a neat interior and stunning view over downtown Bangkok, a restaurant is luxuriously kitted out and expensive. But it still has the laid-back atmosphere from raw material decoration such as an original wood and a raw black marble table which is not only ramping up the fun but also works as a cooker hood, suitable for an open kitchen.

Elements exemplifies the new generation of lifestyle dining by offer an outdoor terrace called Alfresco Dining where you could enjoy good food in an exceptional atmosphere near infinity edge pool which creates stylish spot as if you are dining on a rooftop restaurant.

Whether celebrating a special occasion with family and friends or hosting a corporate outing, Elements can accommodate all your special event needs providing a private dining area called ‘Chef Table’. Setting next to a cooking station, you can witness all cooking activities while experiencing unforgettable dinner. (Make sure you did book a table in advance)

Run by Executive Chef of The Okura Prestige, chef Antony Scholtmeyer, and making the most of the top French produce and creative cooking style by blend it up with traditional Japanese ingredient, then present in an authentic French style. The classic fine dining techniques and utter finesses of cooking here are shining example of why Elements have been one of the leading Western FIVE-STAR fine dining restaurants in Bangkok. The concept of East Meet West here is the real selling point which we would like to share with all of you via this review.

Before the meal, the restaurant welcome us with homemade bread and butter with an Elements’s stamp on top. The baker is proud to whip up a signature bread with a light, open texture and satisfyingly crunchy, buttery and chewy crust served aside creamy butter which perfectly light up the taste.

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche of the day features a tuna and roe onigiri dressing with special mayonnaise. A chef makes it more special with seaweed and sesame, then rape up with a rice paper. This good-looking dish is well balanced with flavors and texture, best opening for a big meal to come.   

Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio

Japanese Herbs – Fresh Wasabi – Soy

The first dish to come is a special menu from Hokkaido Promotion available until 30 July only. Our appetizer features a scallop carpaccio (A dish of thinly sliced raw meat or fish, traditional appetizer originated from Italy) served in a thick slice.

Highlights of the menu include well-priced sweet and chewy Iburi-Gakko (Japanese radish), a salted dried Bonito and rich soy sauce on top.  Blended all the flavors together, this characteristic starter offers an opportunity to try a freshly made wasabi, prepared by the chef right at the table. 

Daily specials of wasabi is a key feature here, it filled an adorable carpaccio with mild flavor and accompanied it with a perfect rendition of the Japanese.      

Tasmanian Ocean Trout Confit

Pickled Vegetables – Orange Miso Coulis

Known as Wagyu of the sea, this dish of Trout is confidently simple but impressive. A creative confit mixture that blends perfectly with a delicate sweet pink-hued flesh of a famous Ocean Trout from Tasmania in Southern Australia. Originated from France, confit is prepared in a centuries-old process of preservation that consists of salt curing a piece of meat (generally goose, duck, or pork), then have it cooked in its own fat. 

This method gives Sea Trout a juicy texture and salted flavor. To do more adventurous – served with sour refreshing Coulis sauce, a star of the plate, made from Japanese orange and miso.

Scallops Topped with Foie Gras

Shimeji Scanted Miso Consommé

The next menu presents a Scallops Topped with Foie Gras served in Consommé soup, a tender miso based soup is best for your refreshing. This menu is a creative mix of seared scallop, creamy foie gras and slows cooked clear soup served separately in a teapot. 

Created from many finest ingredients, Foie-Gras custard is then poured over before topped up with a slice of dry Bonito, in which Chef shaved and placed on hot food by Japanese traditional wooden plane, Katsuobushi Kezuriki. 

Highlight in this menu is also Shimeji mushroom, which gives a superb and sweetly earthy sense. All in all, this soup was amazing, a perfect combination of premium western soup and delightful Japanese features, which create an unforgettable unique oriental experience in western cooking style.   

Taraba Crab and Uni Gratin

Edamame – Soba

Another special menu from the Hokkaido Promotion: Taraba Crab, one of the two most popular King Crabs in Japan. The price of Taraba is relatively higher than others on the market (approximately 2,500 THB).

Not only this meal is created with delicacy, but a wide range of ingredients are mixed into it: white Soba beans at the bottom for a crispy taste, Edamame beans, mash potatoes, and, most importantly, Uni Gratin sauce, made from urchin eggs mixed with sour sauce. The sauce comes on top of the Taraba crab, which makes this meal, together with all ingredients, rich in taste and texture.

Crispy Skin Soy Marinated Duck Breast and Confit Leg

Smoked Eggplant – Ginger – Pumpkin – Coriander – Yuzu Jus

Our first main course for tonight is a duck cooked in two different styles. The first one is a soft breast, cut in a thick piece with crispy skin, served with a pumpkin puree sauce.

And the latter is Duck Confit. The friable drumstick with crispy skin is served with sweet and sour Yuzu Jus sauce, smoked eggplant, and coriander. Highly recommended when you visit Elements.

Lamb Chops

Fried Shallots – Moromi Miso Butter

This special Lamb Chops is served right from an oven. The premium grade Lamb chops is perfectly grilled.

Its special scent from Moromi Miso Butter, made from fermented beans, melts into the meat to merge with the savory sauce under. The meal is also served with fried onions.

Matcha Green Tea Crémeux

Black Sesame, Shiso Jasmin Rice Ice Cream

Green tea Crémeux is a creamy, pudding-like dessert. With Green Tea smells, this creamy, milky Crémeux is topped up with black sesame jelly and Yuzu oranges.

Another is Shiso Jasmine rice ice cream in an oriental taste served with thin chocolate sheets. This dessert stands out by its natural smells from green tea and rice and its soft, sweet taste.


Sudachi and White Chocolate Layered Cheesecake

Almond Cracker, Apricot Pearls

Japanese cheesecake with mild, milky taste has white chocolate as a top layer and orange Sudachi cream cake as a base. Sudachi orange is a specialty from Japan’s Tokushima prefecture. It’s served with sweet apricot sauce.

End the meal with “Petit Four;” a chocolate assortment which possesses different taste and signature smell in every piece.

Light up your mood  to another level with premium French tea,  Mariage Fréres.

The dining experience at Elements is like a trip to France and Japan on the same journey. Every personnel has offered us great service. They also told us all the information about every dishes. The Chefs are one of the finest craftsmen. This makes us want to join the ride to France and Japan all over again!