Maison de la Truffe



WHAT    : Maison De La Truffe Bangkok

WHERE : Thonglor Soi 9

WHEN   : Daily, Lunch 11:00 – 14:30 hrs. Dinner 17:30 – 23:45 hrs.

VIBE      : With over 80 years of history has finally arrived in Bangkok as the one and only branch in Southeast Asia, offering an exclusive truffle experience with an extensive menu and products from the precious fungus.

Founded in 1932 in Paris, the long-established restaurant Maison de la Truffe with over 80 years of history has finally arrived in Bangkok as the one and only branch in Southeast Asia, offering an exclusive truffle experience with an extensive menu and products from the precious fungus in one of the most bustling and vivacious district in Bangkok, Thonglor Soi 9.

The restaurant is designed by the Spanish decorator Thomas Urquijo with a combination of black and champagne gold in modern art décor style, derived from the original outlet in Paris, exuding a luxurious atmosphere and a profound sense of relaxation. Grainy photos, dim lighting, and casual table settings all flawlessly come together for a simple and elegant aesthetic in this spacious area.

This modern dining room which can accommodate up to 128 patrons consists of a dining zone where guests are allowed to see how dishes are created and plated through a large window; a bar area where restaurant’s bartenders are creating splendid beverages both alcoholic and non; private rooms for guests who prefer a little privacy; and outdoor balcony for private party and event.

As for the food, the mastermind behind the successful of the restaurant, Chef Monara Pres from Maison de la Truffe Paris flew all the way here to create the succulent menu for Bangkok branch which includes some of the menu inspired by Thai culture and cuisine, available only in Thailand.

As its name suggest, the menu here concentrates on the world’s most expensive fungus, truffle, which is available in different types depending on the time of the year. For example, black truffle and winter truffle are available from December to March, while white alba truffle is obtainable from October to December.

Before the feast starts, fulfill yourself with some of the freshly house-made bread served with extra virgin olive oil with black truffle and French butter.

Truffle Soup

The discovery of the truffle experience begins with a bowl of rich and creamy soup featuring black truffles from France. The truffle cream gives the soup a silky mouthfeel and distinctive flavor with a very pungent aroma. Topped with a few slices of fresh black truffle, the soup turns out so tempting that has you mopping it up with a piece of bread.

Tagliatelles with Duck Foie Gras and Truffle Cream

The fresh flat ribbon of the tempting Tagliatelle bathed in creamy truffle cream is rewarded with the best combo flavor ever. The pasta is cooked perfectly al dente offering resistance when chewing, enhanced by a unique flavor of pan-seared duck foie gras that melds superbly with the thick cream sauce and the truffle slices atop the dish. The end result is rich and extraordinarily good.

Black Spaghetti Lobster

Of the various homemade pastas, the black spaghetti with firm, delicate Canadian lobster meat catches the eye the most. The intense black pasta that is made with the squid ink is tender but still have a slightly firm bite. It comes with a sweet lobster meat and a rich, creamy lobster brandy using lobster shells and blood as the base.  Serve with shaved truffle as an elegant dish for your dinner.

Risotto Truffle

Allow your taste buds the prize they deserve with this classic Risotto Truffle. Delectable flavor and distinctive creaminess of the grains balance out a deep earthy flavor and a strong pungent scent of truffles, resulting in a superior pile of luscious goodness with perfect consistency and texture. Serve hot and delightfully with truffle slices.

Black Truffle Cheesecake

The cheesecake at Maison de la Truffe provides a little different perspective of this classic baked good by adding black truffle to it. Served with fresh berries and strawberry sauce, the two-layer sweet dessert comes with a dense yet smooth cream cheese mingled with aromatic grated truffles topped on a cinnamon based crust.

Apart from the dining area, a retail shop showcasing truffle products is also available next to the main entrance. Highlight includes truffle cream, truffle mayonnaise, foie gras with truffle, and olive oil with truffle, as well as accessories like truffle grater or truffle shaver. Maison de le Truffe is undeniably a haven in the heart of the city for truffle aficionados who are captivated by the distinctive flavor and aroma of this luxury fungus.